ATTN: Casino Rep 32Red TAB feature


Game old gal
Mar 13, 2008
Tonight was the first time I've request a break at 32Red, or anywhere for that matter.

It is not all that simple from the download client.

First you go to the help centre, and pick Responsible Gambling from the topics list.

Then you read a bunch of stuff, and there's a link to go to the web page.

It offers a phone number you cannot dial from Canada I think. I have a cell phone, and there is another number that would incur quite hefty charges for me I think.

But I called the toll-free for Canada, and they were able to assist me. I only took 24 hours, and it was activated almost instantly, just long enough to wait until the payments team is in on Monday, (or maybe an hour before they are).

It is easy enough to go on tilt when you are winning, I know this as well as anyone.

I know what to do should I need it again.

This is too much money to splunk back. I'm having a hard enough time hitting the withdrawal button these days as it is.

It's a holiday Monday here, glad it is not in the UK.

It's been discussed here before, but it would be good if they made it a little more player friendly, and available without requiring an email or phone call. I did not ask livechat, but it was NOT listed as an option in the help files.
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Oct 8, 2012
Think Dave mentioned the tab in a review he did a while back.

Congrats on your winnings and remember to do it again in the future!