32Red Poker withdrawal time?


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Feb 3, 2004
North Carolina
I'm assuming the delay in withdrawal may be because it's a Prima site, but does anyone know the time period on a withdrawal from 32Red Poker?

When I'm lucky enough to make a withdrawal at 32Red Casino, I'm so used to not even worrying about it because it pops up in NETeller within a day or two (barring weekends, of course ;) ). But I withdrew some money on Feb. 27 and it still says "Work in Progress" in Cashcheck ...

Not worried, just looking for a time frame to expect it so I can transfer it over to 32Red Casino's generous monthly offer. :thumbsup:
In my experience the withdrawal time has been pretty much same as with the casino. 1-2 days. Did you know Macgyver, that you can email support and have them transfer credits from your poker account to your casino account? You can also claim the monthly bonus at the same time. That's good service in my book.:thumbsup:
Thanks to Pat at 32Red for such a quick response in my PM box this morning. :)

I didn't know that about transferring from poker to casino accounts (or vice versa), but I think I've come up with a easy solution that I mentioned to Pat. Especially since I got an invitation to another freeroll this morning. :D

Again, this is why I stay with 32Red. :thumbsup:
Made a withdrawal past week...took about 24hrs. Really fast IMHO. And excellent CS...thanks to them. Wow, nice to know that the poker credits can be transferred to casino account...Good going 32red :thumbsup:

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