32RED downgrades TAB/SE

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Dec 18, 2014
Another week has past and the RG issue is getting forgotten again.

I have thought well and long before writing this post as i am full aware that it puts me into danger to being kicked to the curb. However, RG is that important to me that i am willing to take the risk.

Basically, i am very disappointed at 4 things which have transpired in this thread:

1. Part of the CM community

- on such serious issue as RG, which is at least at the same importance level as non-payments from casinos, i would have thought or maybe hoped that we would take together a firm position and not let any casino, be it 32RED or EM or anybody else, just get away with it.
- in contrary, posters who supported the criticism have been:

- belittled
- accused of having an agenda
- told to shut up
- called a liar
- ....list not complete

2. 32RED

- after their first and only statement, which was proven to contain lies, they never bothered to counter that with any form of further explanation
- proves to me that RG is of no importance to them (maybe even understandable in a weird way as a full RG system - see Videoslots example - could potentially reduce their profits)
- they not even offered to re-evaluate their degradation of the RG tools
- yet kept reading every letter of this thread and thanking only posts who would defend them - pretty despicable to me tbh.

3. CasinoMeister

- maybe i hoped for too much but i expected Bryan to take a firm position on the RG issue
- with his experience he certainly knows what the downfalls of gambling addictions are and how it destroys livelihoods of complete families not just that of the gambler himself
- what signal does it give if we are letting such reputable brands like 32RED or EM get away with such lowered RG standards???


- i have been in communication a few times with the UKGC, as well as mac72 + petro, yet there seems to be no urgency, neither clarity, nor any real interest to protect players
- all i have been told that i am not in their jurisdiction and that's that. so basically they are saying - "we will not pursue any potential license breaches when it is reported from outside our territory"

Last sentence: I would like to thank again those members who supported the thread and the RG cause, be it by posting, thanking a post or as going as far as to close their accounts with "number color". As for the others, I sincerely wish you, I really do, that you will never be in a situation where you are in desperate need of RG.


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Jun 30, 1998
Ok. Enough is enough. Since you have been a member, you have had a bee in your bonnet concerning 32Red, and it's agenda laden. You have been warned a number of times both publicly and in private to tone it down.

Now that you've brought me into this personally - well you've just taken it up another notch of "personal agenda." The reason I haven't stepped into this long convoluted thread is that it's not a pressing issue. This thread has received a number of "reported post" alerts not because of the implications of perceived rogueness on 32Red's part, but because of your agenda ladden posts.

32Red abides by the UKGC regs. Simple as that. Why do you care really if they do or not since you are not in the UK? They are by far one of the best outfits out there - you can ask their players, you can even ask their competitors. Where are the complaints for 32Red? There aren't any - accept for yours.

So my take on this is this that this issue is a non-issue. You may not like their policies - but that's about as far as it's going. You don't like them - we get it.

Thread upgraded to "closed" since you have obviously made your point.
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