ATTN: Casino Rep 32Red document validation trouble


Jan 7, 2021
So around 2 weeks ago I put in a withdrawal for £4600 from 32Red and so they requested every document under the sun which I knew they had to do to comply with regulations. I did not expect, however, that I would have to upload my passport 3 different times even after posting all the documents. So I've been calling them ever since I posted the proof and every single day they say the same thing, "only 1/2 days".

Just this morning I got an email saying they require photo ID again?? This is all bearing in mind I'm shown as fully verified on the website. I'm not sure if they're stalling or what but id like some advice on what to do next.

Mark_32Red (retired acct)

Dormant account
May 23, 2008
32Red Marketing Dpt
Their Rep @Mark_32Red is online just about every day and is normally very helpful.

Drop him a PM and sure he will look into it for you.

Tagged him so he is aware of this thread.

Thanks Paul.

As my friend says, please drop me a PM With your username and I’ll check it out.

Apologies for any inconvenience.


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