Casino Complaint 32red club rouge FOR LIFE

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Jun 30, 1998

Short version (correct me if I'm wrong):

*OP pissed, he isn't anymore welcome in Club Rouge, the VIP program in 32RED

*OP claims he is invited at Club Rouge and this status is for life

*OP is a high roller and has been so since 8 years back

*32RED says that the "for life" is/was a software glitch from Microgaming about a year ago and was not a 32RED decision

*32RED and members from here tell us that no T&C's whatsoever claims that the Club Rouge status is "for life"

*OP posts personal emails from 32RED to him in public

*Casinomeister/Bryan isnt happy about posting private emails and tells OP about it

*More members tell OP that this is ridiculous, move on!

*SIDENOTE: Among this tour 32RED admitted that even inside the Club Rouge VIP program there were some differencies, some CR members had more benefits than others

As said, correct me if I'm wrong. :)

Thank you , and with that - I'd say that's that.

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