32Red Casinomeister Tourney for 11 February


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Jun 30, 1998
Finally! It's long overdue. 32Red Casinomeister Tourney has been scheduled for 11 February

Name: Casinomeister Poker
Start Date & Time: Sunday, 11th February, 9pm GMT UK
Registration opens; Wednesday 7th February, 12pm GMT
Buy-in: $20 + $2 Freezeout
Multi Table Tournaments > Special Folder
$500 Added to Pot
Password: PM me for the password

Eligibility: this tournament is for Casinomeister Forum members with 40 reputation points or higher only. Members will be emailed a password before the tourney.

Will it be nit-poker(NLHE) or a game where you actually have to think about what you're doing? :D
Thinking will be good. But beware of my mojo stick.

There's a $50 bounty on my head by the way. :thumbsup:
You do know online poker is ILLEGAL don'tcha? Unless of couse we in the USA are invited...we would keep it hush hush between all of us...but all bets <pun intended> :D are off if not invited....Winbig...you got the number, keep it handy...blackmail usually works for us in the USA :lolup:

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