32Red - Autoplay reload frequency!


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Apr 28, 2004
Hiya..just a small rant about 32Red Autoplay function button, and it's frequent reload, thus causing tedious gameplay interruption.

Good new: - won 2 freespin, on their new "Tipping point" promotion, played actual "Tipping point" slot, and gain a £55 bonus + hefty wagering i expect.

Went further to play microgaming slot "Mystic Amber", all is well, until i hit the Autoplay function. First reload, perhaps its my pc cache not being cleared, but no, a further 9 reloads occur..no matter how many fs autoplay u had selected, by now my gameplay succor alot.

Quit dang slot now, opened up "Shamrock Holmes Megaways", played for awhile without autoplay, and hit it again for 25 freespin, guess what?. Yes..reload..and a further 15 reload's occur in 45 mins of play. The slot itself payed medicore..top bonus payout £22. the rests was £10.08(2 of those), and a further £3.By now i was rather annoyed, stopping gameplay seems easier.

Perhaps, i shall try another slot later, and if Autoplay is the same, having recurring reloads..i can ruddy well hang up the bonus play.
Anyone has the same problem at 32Red? Perhaps 32Red rep, would like to comment on this?

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