32 Red Question: Christmas promotions?


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Jan 29, 2002
Got this email from them today:

Dear xxxx
Account Number xxxxxxxxxxxx
Today we see the first of our Red Christmas promotions, so make sure you come down to 32Red today for Double your Winnings Wednesday.

The top 10 earners at 32Red will get double their winnings up to £200 each.
Just pick your favourite game and make sure it’s you who gets in the money…..

To see the full Red Christmas promotional calendar, please click here.

See you at the Tables

32Red Team

Are they letting US players back in?
CDPoker is doing the same thing. Why they don't have USA accounts deleted from these databases is beyond me.

My guess is because they feel, like me, that the US prohibition isn't quite all it seems. Once the B&M's are competing, relaxed legislation will pave the way for regulation albeit perhaps some time away. Then you'll all be getting huge "welcome back" bonuses from everyone while we Brits watch the Mega Moolah jackpots blow at $9.89 every 2 mins :)
I hate 32Red.

Plus - I hate Aston Villa too. ;)

Really had to get that off my chest and this seemed the best place to do it.

Sorry to derail guys....
I don't hate Aston Villa - more comical than anything... ;)

Why the hate against 32RED though cheeky? They've hardly put a foot wrong for me in years, and I've hit some lovely wins there! What's up Mr Angry? :D
I find it a bit strange ( and disturbing)

They could have taken in concideration that a lot of people might be confused by it. I think it must have been a mistake.

I wonder, what it is with 32Red. There are a few opinions here that are complete opposite of another..

I like playing there..

But, I never received that mail :confused:

Oh well...

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