32 red no pay out yet


Feb 5, 2020
Hi I'm just wondering if anybody had any knowledge on this I was playing slots on 32 red when I won 17700 and I withdrew it then I received an email saying I had to verify my account bank card proof of address etc that's all been sent I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced this before because I withdrew like 100 pound a few month ago and had no problem went in my bank a couple of days ago I've rang customer service and all I get is they cant put a time frame on it I'm just abit pancied now because for me it's a huge amount of money I didn't use any bonus are anything like that I litterally deposited 40 pound and hit massive can anyone have any input on this please has I cant bear this waiting game

Mark_32Red (retired acct)

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May 23, 2008
32Red Marketing Dpt
Hi Nazz,

I’m not in the office this week but I’ve sent a mail to our payments team to check. I think this will likely be a routine check with the slot provider if it’s a big win from a small deposit. Let me see what I can find out.



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Mar 4, 2019
I've always had good experiences with 32Red. Would be massively surprised if they tried to screw you. Probably just because it's a lot of money so they have to do extra checks or something.