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May 31, 2002
D.C. Area
It is with regret that the directors of Trafalgar Betting & Gaming Ltd
announce that effective from midnight (UK time) 31st January 2004,
players domiciled in the United States will no longer be able to play
at the 32Red Casino or 32Red Poker Room.

We would like to thank you for your support in the past. We have
very much enjoyed serving players from the United States of America
and we are disappointed to be taking this action. However, it has
become increasingly difficult for us to operate in the US market due
to external pressure being applied to advertisers and credit card

Your account will remain open until 31st January, at which point it
will be permanently closed. We urge you as soon as possible to
ensure that any balances you have in your account are either played
at the casino or cashed in.

We are keen to ensure that if you have a balance in your account
and wish to withdraw it, that we process your funds as quickly and
as smoothly as possible. If you have a balance of $10 or more, simply
access the 32Red bank within the Casino and cash-in your chip as normal.
If your balance is less than $10 and you would like us to remit your funds,
rather than play them at the casino, please contact us at
accounts@32red.com or call us on 866 8679230.

Please note that if we are unable to return your money to the source of your
purchase of chips, we may require verification of personal details from you.

As you know, we operate a strict privacy policy and your account details
will not be passed on to any third parties. However, we intend to put forward
a recommended casino operator who is happy to market their service into
the United States. For the avoidance of doubt, this email promotion will be
sent by 32Red (and not the alternative casino operator), on one occasion

Once again thank you for your support in the past and please accept our best
wishes for the future.

Kind regards

Ed Ware

What a bummer since this is simply the top notch casino out there. I'm glad that I don't live in the states.

I'm sure a lot of thought has been put into this, and unfortunately it looks like a sensible direction to take.

It's a shame that the US politicians don't use the UK situation as a model plan. But then, what do you expect?
From Ed Ware:
The subject of online betting and gaming in the United Stated continues to
highlight the need for legislation and regulation. We believe that in time
the US Government will begin to see this industry in the same way as the UK
and European Administrations and take steps to formally regulate. We have
welcomed players domiciled in the United States since we began operating,
with always one eye on developments in the United States of America.

However, there has been little progress to move towards regulation in the
US, and in many ways the situation has worsened. After a lot of
consideration, the Directors of Trafalgar Betting & Gaming have decided to
prohibit American citizens domiciled in the United States from joining the
32Red Casino and Poker Room. This is effective from midnight 31st January
2004, UK time.

That's why.
This is where folks like Kyl come short - they chase away a1 operators like 32 Red and leave the way clear for crappy operators and even crappier software providers to fill the vacuum. This is just such a damned pity.
Ok.. I have to say something here because this is really strange. I recently opened an account with 32Red, both Poker and Casino. Upon trying to deposit, I used the online chat service that they have. I wish that I had the agent's name, because she was adamant that they welcomed U.S. Players (I live in the U.S.) She did state to me that they will NOT accept credit cards from U.S. Players, and that is when I pressed the issue further (i.e. do you not allow players from the U.S. and why are we not offered the same options??) because I wanted to be sure that before I deposited my money in any form, that there was no 'animosity' or potential of further problems, etc. She assured me that yes, they do welcome U.S. players, that the only restriction is they cannot accept credit cards. Any registered credit cards I had there were voided out, and if I tried to register another one, it too would be voided. She did urge me, however, to use either one of the webwallets (i.e. Neteller) or Western Union. I even pointed out to her one of the other 'online casino promo web sites' (not this one) that said something along the lines of 32Red Casino is great, unfortunately not for U.S. players.. and she said that she would definitely look into that, that it is incorrect. I will see if I have any email exchanges or anything saved in reference to this conversation (it was within the past 45 days or so, definitely before December 2004, as stated in the initial posting of this thread.) Has there been any official confirmation of this directly from the site (other than the posted letter from Ed Ware)? Not that I am disputing or accusing anyone here, it could also very well be that the agent I spoke to via online chat at 32Red was misinformed or not aware of any updates/changes.. I will be back if I find any savd info I have regarding this (with dates, names, etc.)

Ok.. here is the link from 32Red's site that specifies that YES, 32 Red does welcome U.S. Players under certain specifications in regard to deposits

Old / Expired Link

This is the same link that the on-line chat agent gave me during our conversation when I sought clarification on this matter. This is recent (they sent me promo emails during this month of February 2006, and I would say that I spoke to her about this within the past 30-45 days, and this link is still active on their site.) I hope this helps and alleviates the fears of U.S. players not being able to play at this site! :thumbsup:
I am currently speaking with "Jane' via online chat at 32Red, and she states that yes, they have many active and happy customers in the U.S.
Hi Cynthia,

This thread is over two years old - no need to bump it out of the dustbin :D.

If there were any problems about 32red taking US players - you'd be the first to know via this site. Also any casinos that disallow US players, and are listed here at Casinomeister, are identified here: https://www.casinomeister.com/accredited-casinos/

I'm upgrading this thread to "locked" so it won't happen again :D
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