32 Red is now taking US players!


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Now if only Neteller would quit hiccupping...


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32 Red

Darn .....darn...darn....finally can try out site...but seems to be down.
I can reach
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

but every download link on page leads to "page cannot be displayed"



RIP Donna :(
Bandwidth upgrade

Was able to get to the support page, and get a US phone number to call.
Support says "local communications company is working on upgrading the bandwidth, and it has taken longer than expected. Site should be up soon"

Just thought I would let everyone know.


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im gonna try this site as soon as their site comes back up.

there has been so many good comments and ratings on 32red not to try it out.


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And the bruhaha about 32Red is...???

I can name a dozen - probably many more - equally good and BETTER MG casinos, and can extend the list further into Crypto and RTG - both of which offer several FAR superior games to Microgaming.

32Red must be the tightest casino around - take more than two (Jeez) $32 (Jeez) monthly promos and you're out for the count.

Someone tell me what distinguishes 32Red from Trident, VPL and Fortune Lounge. VPL have had the occasional customer issue and FL have admittedly had many, but they both offer FAR better comp programmes to their players and all those groups pay very fast. Although Trident kicked me off the comp programme in record quick time so I've no reason whatsoever to plug them, they either equal or surpass 32Red in all departments.

Someone tell me what distinguishes 32Red from Intercasino and Sands. FAR better games, FAR better comps, fast payments and barely an issue.

Someone tell me what distinguishes 32Red from Inetbet and Phonecian. FAR better games, Phonecian throws out the occasional bonus, excellent CS and few issues.

Yep, I just don't get what sets them apart, and the implication clearly is that there is SOMETHING - otherwise who'd give a damn that another otherwise nondescript MG casino starts taking US players, when all the others do?

Fill me in.


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That's an affiliate site. The real website is www.32red.com or www.32red.co.uk

that is the same address I put in other post.
Ohhhhh ...i see the difference...the -whatever....
I was trying them all ...

But anyway...they seem to be back up now.....trying to download.
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Average bet size 5% of deposit????? What a joke! No Thanks, Caruso is spot on.


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I've never played at 32red so I was curious about their new player bonus. I noticed something in their terms that I've never seen from a online casino before:

"In addition you must also meet the average bet requirements before cashing in. A player's average bet size will be 5% of their initial deposit amount. For example, if you make an initial deposit of $100, your average bet size must be 5% of this amount, i.e. $5."

For my 32% new player bonus, I will not only need to wager my deposit and bonus 25 times before I am allowed to cash out, but I MUST also AVERAGE A BET SIZE OF 5% of my DEPOSIT.

For example:

If I deposit $100, I MUST wager $3300 AND have an average bet of $5.00
If I deposit $250, I MUST wager $8250 AND have an average bet of $12.50
If I deposit $500, I MUST wager 16500 AND have an average bet of $25.00

What if I play slots? ;) I won't be allowed to cashin unless each spin averages $25. That's just not right.


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no thanks

Well.....i guess for those of us who are not big spenders...we would never be able to cash out.

But that is ok...i have been trying for the last hour or more to register, and can't....getting "illegal operation"

I give up, sorry casinomeister...... :(
but if i can't download and reg at a site after over 2 hrs of trying....I am not gonna trust with my little bit of $$.


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32Red must be the tightest casino around - take more than two (Jeez) $32 (Jeez) monthly promos and you're out for the count.
You're lucky. I got only one of them.. and lost it!

Ed Ware

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Hi everyone.

It's been a tough night here in Gibraltar. Sadly we have suffered a significant Internet problem tonight, thanks to circumstances very much beyond our control. We believe that the issues with our ISP have now been resolved and our services are gradually coming back to 100% operational.

To those of you affected by the disruption, I would like to apologise for the time you have wasted trying to access 32Red over the last few hours. Whilst we are grateful for your interest, we are also aware that you do have a huge number of competitor casinos from which to choose. If you do decide to try again, I am sure you will get a much better reaction both from our systems and of course our people are on standby to help out.

I guess I should pick up some of the feedback on our Welcome Bonus. As I am sure we'd all agree the entire industry has become wrapped up in bonuses, wagering requirements, qualifying games, countries of origin, terms and conditions, etc. It is problematic for lots of parties concerned, especially the player. We have attempted to offer a Welcome Bonus that is reasonably inviting - and protects the House from players taking an unfair advantage - whilst never claiming that our sign up offer is the main reason to join 32Red. I should also add that we allow play on Blackjack and Video Poker to count towards betting requirements. Similarly, we do not and will not, apply different conditions just because you happen to dwell in particular parts of the world. Not all casinos take the same view.

Our strength lies in delivering an excellent, personal service, and paying players out as smoothly and as quickly as possible. We keep close tabs on payment-to-player methods offered by our competitors and we don't see anyone in front of what we achieve day in, day out. Caruso, if you would like some more detail on this area, then please drop me a line (you have my email address) and I can go into specifics.

As the saying goes, you cannot please all the people all the time (despite how hard we try) but the consistent feedback we receive is overwhelmingly positive towards our service on a number of fronts. Thanks once again to our numerous supporters for always passing on your experiences with us.

As ever, nice to get involved in stimulating debate about something we are passionate about. I hope the connectivity problems encountered tonight do not reappear and those wishing to sample 32Red for the first time may do so and make their own minds up about us.

Kind regards

Ed Ware


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only problem is the funding methods. I downloaded and plan on registering and trying things out within the next few days, however I suppose I'll have to use firepay or ecocard. You should consider allowing wire transfers to fund. That is the easiest way for me, but firepay or ecocard won't be too much of a problem.


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It is nice to see Mr Ware on this site and I do trust the operation. That said it will be a cold day in Hades before I put up with a 5% minimum wager on any game. The most rediculous proposition since $5 limits on Carribean 21 over at certain RTG sites! Just think of those slot sluts who play nickle spins now needing to goto $50 a spin (or pounds!) Mr Ware, you will NOT get my $1000. Mr Hughes at FL will get it instead!


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still can't reg.

nice of you to reply to our issues mr. Ware.....
But, I just tried to Reg. yet again.....still getting illegal operation errors.
And can not get to your home page.

guess I should just give up....but I have heard so much about you...

disappointed.... :confused: