32 Red Dark Knight Prog


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Jan 2, 2013
London UK
Oh was so close to big one - but very happy with this on a 60p bet.
Cheers 32 Red :)

DK Prog.jpg
Oh was so close to big one - but very happy with this on a 60p bet.
Cheers 32 Red :)
I believe the progressives on this slot are "eye candy" so even if you were very close to the "big one" it says nothing.
Congrats on your win :thumbsup: But you could never be closer more like further away from winning the ultimate jackpot sorry. Only eye candy and it is already determined before you press spin :D :notworthy
When the progressive pops up randomly is the outcome of the amount won already determine or after you hit spin button??

Yes the second you press the button your win is determined. To verify this, have two MG Progressive games open and when you spin the wheel, you will see the jackpot reset on the respective prize on the other screen :)

But, when I normally hit the progressive, I do not spin the wheel until the jackpots are higher.

You can normally turn £10.00 into £23-£30 or £100 into £250-£400 if you hang on for the right moment. Most I ever won was £963 on the minor jackpot as I left until nobody had won it for 30 odd minutes.
im so unlucky on dark knight i lost so much money on it. i had far more success on mega moolah hit the jackpotwheel quite some times at dark kngiht never. congrats for you win:)
Oh Im a bit of a cynic when it comes to progressives but it does make you feel a bit excited when it hovers. (shhh dont ruin it for me)

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