32 Red Casino Tightest I have ever played at


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Sep 20, 2005
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Second and Third Chance

I said I wouldn't post again, but I just have to. I went back 2 more times (different times) and tried 32Red again, just to "SEE" if it was me in a long losing streak at 32Red or if it was the casino. It's the casino IMHO. Because I cashed out over $1500.00 at two other casinos in between runs (within a week) at 32Red. (Used my winnings to give it another go)

Both times I lasted about 5 minutes on a $100 each deposit (My average starting deposit at some unknown casinos which 32Red has been).

I guess it truly isn't meant to be, for some players at this casino, :( which is a shame, because they are losing a lot of players that want to be loyal. I am a classic example. But, I guess I will stick with what works for me.

On the bright side tho is, I went to VIP right after last round of losing at 32Red and won $900 on only my fourth (4th) visit! Great Casino for me..guess I found my new home! :D

Good Luck to everyone that plays there!


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Oct 1, 2005
My experiences have been way over the top. This is one of the casinos where I've just never lost. I've not only cleared every bonus, but I've won money playing on top of the bonus.

I wish I could say that about all the casinos. I know its just varience and in the long run it evens out, but its just strange when you can do no wrong at one casino and can't win a friggin hand at another.

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