32 red and my apology


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Sep 19, 2008
Hi all
just thought that since i have slated 32 red on the forums [see my experience at 32 red] during my baron spells there and annoyed the life out of everyone while i was being beaten that it is time i ate some humble pie. (platefuls of it actually) I went through a spell where i felt i could not get a winner but it turned out it was just me not withdrawing when i had the chance(chasing the bigger wins) and also i just love the gameplay that you can get. Anyway after about a month of moaning and bitching i hit not a bad winner (yeeeeeha) and withdrew it. I then started that very dangerous game of reverse withdrawing and lo and behold another win of almost 20 times my stake, and again withdrew to reverse 10 pounds again and won again. So here goes what i believe i owe to the casino, I APOLOGIZE FOR DOUBTING YOU as it seems you are still number one in the ranks of online gaming. By the way i have left it for 3 days therefore this is not a knee jerk reaction to someone who has just won and is delighted it is simply the actions of someone who feels that it is nice to give a bit of credit instead of the usual stick we normally dole out.
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Jun 19, 2006
Not in my eyes lol utterly coutless deposits, 1 cashout lol I dont play there much anymore but kudos to those who do do well there :thumbsup: