$310 vanishes from Bovada acct


Dormant account
Saturday afternoon a little after 4PM I am playing Crazy Dragons at Bovada. I've been playing at Bovada since they were Bodog, and play Crazy Dragons whenever I have enough funds, even hit the progressive once. Had $100.60 in wallet. Bought $15 in chips and lost it. Bought another $15 leaving me $70.60 in wallet. On about 2nd spin I hit 20 free spins, won 4 more spins during play. I hit the 3 Temples 4x, $6 each and explosion with 2 wilds for $300, total win from free spins was $324. I continued playing but made my cut off $240. On last spin the image refreshed and all I had was $1.60 in my wallet, $310 gone. My husband saw the game showing over $300 and asked “is it nickles”? I said no it was dollars and he's like “wow”. Anywise I didn't touch anything and called Bovada. My play history does not show the win and says I spent $99 playing game leaving me $1.60. I've been playing online for 8 year and have never had anything like this happen.

My question is: has anyone else ever experienced something like this? Also do casino have checks and balances to ensure all winnings paid by games are allocated into player's account, or other way to find discrepancy?

I would love to hear from anyone else that may have experienced something similar, especially if it was playing at Bovada. Thanks!
FYI-the funds were from straight deposit with no bonus taken.