3 in a row (any sport)


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Nov 11, 2017
United Kingdom
Hello to all,
Trying out a new betting idea, always trying different things.
The idea is to post up just the one sports betting selection with whatever your starting bet amount is
for example: I'll be staking £25 for my first bet.
Then the total returns will go onto bet number 2 and so on. Once I've hit 3 in a row I'll start over from £25 again.
(And as with most of my betting ideas I'll give this 10 attempts then try something else).
Tonight's selection Wednesday 6th June 2018

Bet 1 won and returned £50.00
Bet 2 of 3
£50.00 Stake (£25 e/w)

20:20 Wexford - Art Of Synergy (5/1)

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