Question 3 Dice new game: Scatterville Skunks


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Aug 26, 2010
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What's your opinion?

I have been playing this game for about an hour in a free test tourney.

So far, it does not seem to be a "winning" slot. Lots of "0" spins. Many comments in chat are about the entertainment assets of the game.

I like entertainment just fine, but, I play casinos on line more for the chance of financial gain. Entertainment value comes second.


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Sep 12, 2004
I don't even have 3D installed anymore, and this is nothing personal against them as I think it's common in the online casinos... yet another slot that looks like a game for children?


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Jul 15, 2012
The game looks quite boring.... Someday i may try it, but 3dice is the onyl casino i played often wihtout every getting close to a cashout, so i need to be really risky to try these guys again, even if they have a great support. I just don't get, why a casino like 3dice with 99% high variance slots can't give you more interesting bonuses....


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Mar 3, 2010
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Well of course I will give my opinion for what it's worth. I don't think the game is for kids by no means. There have been some good hits on it. I played and played in real and tourney and did ok on it, didn't win a whole lot, but my luck isn't too great with anything right now. Angle Gaming is the team that has been designing and creating new games for 3dice and me personally, I think they are doing an awesome job. For me it is entertainment value, plus payouts. If a game doesn't appeal to me I definitely won't play it no matter if the payouts are great. Just like all slots, one game might be for one, but not the other.


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Aug 28, 2009
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I like it - it combines the 243 way slot idea with stacked wilds and I like the animation. The sound effects are also fun. I still like Moolah best, but maybe this one will grow on me.


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Aug 24, 2010
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Dozed off while testing this slot. The Combination of dead spins during free spins and
regular play did it I think.

No matter how many scatters you get beyond 3, it's always 20x2. Why?

Also, I'm not a sports fan.


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Mar 25, 2012
Well this completes the hat-trick of my 3Dice thread bumps, and this is definitely the worst of the three new slots.

Obviously the theme leaves me cold (American Football, woohoo! I don't even like UK football (or 'soccer' as I believe it's known in the USA :))), and the game itself just seems very 'low octane', poor sound package too.

Doubtless there are some very big pays in there with the stacked wilds (according to the paytable it's nearly 7000x stake for all five stacked wilds in free spins), so maybe the slot is all about those rare big hits, which is fine in and of itself, but the slot needs to hold your attention whilst waiting for those hits to come in.

20 free spins on the bonus round is too many, considering the vast majority of them are zero pays. I sat it out for four free spins rounds (took around 1500 spins, I think I managed about 700 spins to see one of the bonus rounds), lowest paying was 0.5x stake, best just about topped 20x stake.

My 20x stop trigger on the base game was just about breached a couple of times.

It chewed through over £130 of my bankroll at 30p spins and was, overall, a very dreary experience. (I don't mind high variance slots with rare big pays, I love Bruce Lee for example, but Bruce manages to make the ride entertaining, Scatterville Skunks does not.)

Also, the reel symbols are pretty rubbish, all the top paying symbols, including the wilds, are far too similar and kind of blend into each other. The wild needs to stand out far more, and having all the top paying symbols the same colour doesn't help either. Yes I know they're supposed to be a football team but it just makes the slot far too hard to 'read'.

Maybe Enzo can explain the numbers on this slot and how the pays are distributed, because it's pretty horrible IMO.


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Jul 24, 2011
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Apparently it is same as Microgaming Lord of The Ring and The Dark Knight except their free game is 5 more games but no side bonus at all compare to Microgaming does give you side bonus from Gollum or Batman/Joker. While MIcrogaming one they have wide area jackpot while the Scatterville in 3Dice is non jackpot unfortunately. To win all wild is very hard to get in both Microgaming and 3Dice. Payout doesn't show much difference between Microgaming and 3Dice anyway.