3 ace of hearts on the table in blackjack?


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May 2, 2005
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Is it OK to have thee ace of hearts on the table in single player blackjack? I took a screen shot, but can't seem to place it here.
Sorry, no one online could answer that question, and I'm a newcomer to this game. I couldn't find it in the rules, either. Oh well.
Some blackjack tables use more than one deck.

If it does not say up front how many decks are being used, I would play somewhere else.
Rather curious - since blackjack is unaffected by actual suits, do blackjack programs consider them to be window dressing? For purposes of the game, the entire six-deck shoe could be comprised entirely of clubs.
single player, different than single deck

Single player black jack is way different on single deck black jack.

When you play single hand or single player black jack you could be playing against a dealer using from 2 up to 8 or more decks...

A reputable casino should tell you how many decks each black jack game uses.

If you were playing at a single DECK game, that will be an issue.

For example, several playtech casinos on their single player and multi hand games use 6 decks, others might use 8.

My advise: the less amount of decks the better.

If you play at a Playtech Casino try single deck black jack, I believe they call it Black Jack Pro.

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