25 $1000 Freeroll Tourneys

hummmmm very interesting .......

you know this room pokeraddict ? i saw in their site they have many good things :many freerolls,a rake back automic (more you play more the rake back is important )......
i love that!!!!!but who is behind this room ????i saw nothing i know in the site.the opening is for today.i never see this room before :confused:
oooooh :what: yes the download is finish and now i see the dobrosoft logo ,just a little upgrade,one minute to see if it's acr skin or not ?????????? wait a moment pleeeease .........ok it's not a acr skin .so can you deposit some $ there without problem ? :confused:
(dobrosoft is not bad but i have just withdraw my money at pokerworld because i played since 1 month about 4000 hands and i find it's very difficult to have a good session,i don't loose no but i don't win,a little + 15$ it's light !!!!! usually at absolutepoker i can win regulary with the same stake 200$ 400$ per month so why not with dobrosoft ? same experence at aloha and acr !!!! ) it's so strange
my first freeroll here !!!

waouuou first freeroll in this site ,it's a qualify freeroll for a 2000$ tourney,just 22 players 10 place was qualify ,very easy in 30 min it was finish(2em place for me)
in fact the room is very nice and the chips and cards too(yeah very great for our eyes!! ,it's not the same at pokerworld or acr and the little sound when it's your turn or when you put some chips on the table who is horrible in other dobrosoft is very cool here .
hope this room is honest because i'm very happy by all i saw there and i 'll want to try it !!!!!!!!!! and the rake progam up to 25% !!!!!!
I played there today. I lost 33BB/100 which is about impossible. I would check out the freerolls. Especially with how few people know about it. I found that although my stats of only 75 hands arent comparable to overall probabilities when I compared these 75 hands to my pokertracker stats out of 655 sessions in that hand range (60+) only twice had I ever had such a bad session. Could be bad luck, I honestly have issues of trust with Dobrosoft rooms. They have reputable rooms owned by large sportsbooks (ACR, MVP, even Pokerworld) but if Choice was allowed to run off with the cash or allowed to license without any cash then how do you trust a new Dobrosoft room? They have never addressed this issue.
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I am a bit concerned about how they do these freerolls. Is it cash you can play with right away or the bonus money? I have deposited $100, played 133 hands split about half between 1/2 and 2/4 and I have worked off $1.07 of my $25 bonus In nearly 2 hours of play how could I only work $1 off? :confused:

I split it into two $50 deposits so I should have gotten a reload bonus of $12.50 on my 2nd deposit (which I made then had to go to live chat to get my account credited because it was confirmed by PPATM but software did not update account) and the bonus is not in my account. I am not going to bother them about it because since the bonus works off at 50 cents an hour I cant imagine I will bother to clear the bonus.

Support was quick to fix this issue and were polite about it. It is not uncommon for new rooms to have issues with prepaidatm deposits. Soon I will cashout to test the speed.

Something else I noticed in a 2/4 game rake.

$10 is 25 cents each addl $10 pot rakes 50 cents. Its as if it is programmed wrong. The website is vague on lower limit rake but in 2/4 it says 50 cents per $10. Surely just an overlooked bug for a new room.
Well I went to live chat and asked about why some hands at 2/4 and 3/6 were raking quarters when the rake schedule clearly shows these rake 50 cents per $10 and there is no way that there could be a quarter rake. Support guy didnt even understand my question.

Also I cannot find anywhere on their website how the bonus works. All Dobrosofts that I have played at (ACR skins, Choice, MVP, Popular and Pokerworld) all credit your bonus account 50% of your rake contribution. There is no way that is how it is done here. After 330 hands I have earned $3????? I find it impossible to believe that my average rake is 2 cents per hand. I have played about an even number of 1/2, 2/4 and 3/6. All the website says is that it is based on your rake contribution, no % is stated. In my opinion this bonus is worthless, at Party's 5 raked hands per $1 bonus I would have worked this bonus off twice. Instead, I have worked off just over 10% of it.

I hate to be so critical of a new site but there are some bugs to work out. The website needs to show what the rake is. If the software rakes a different amount the website must show this. The rake schedule is vague for 1/2 and below by saying 5% instead of showing the increments. The bonus needs to be clearly what % the rebate is because there is no way the % is 50% like all other Dobrosofts. When my tourney started it did not automatically take me to the game so I was late. Then there is this annoying Dobrosoft issue. If I time out a hand and hit "deal me in" it needs to deal me in on next hand, not deal me out the next hand too.

Well we have started this thread on a spammish post, I hope this person or management may come back and tell us details on these bugs and the bonus.

The freerolls are very good and pay real money you can play in games right away.
*CASH BACK is calculated using the following formula: The player's contribution to the hands total rake prior to either FOLDING or reaching the rake MAXIMUM of $3.00 (whichever comes first) multiplied by the player's Silver, Gold, Diamond or Platinum Percentage Level.

So unlike party where if I'm dealt cards and the rake hits $1 I get credited for a raked hand - at this place you have to put money into the pot. For those of us who only play 15% of hands this bonus won't amount to dick....as you seem to have found out.
I estimate it would take you about 60 table hours to clear this bonus, about 3 times longer then a Party/skin reload bonus but since those do not come around all the time I figured I would post this. I think this is a good gimmick for them, lets see how it works. Either a player gives them alot of action, or they bust and paid alot of rake. It looks like this offer is valid at all limits.

We would like to sincerely thank you for playing in our The Platinum Poker Club Grand Opening "Blast-Off" Tournaments. We trust you are enjoying our new site and pledge our continued efforts toward excellence as we expand daily.

As a reward for your continued patronage AND as part of our marketing plan to create the maximum amount of real money games available for play, The Platinum Poker Club is pleased to offer the following REAL MONEY BONUS to the first 300 customers who sign up below.


WE AGREE TO give you a 100% Matching Real Money Deposit Bonus!!! (For example, if you deposit $200, we will give you another $200 for a total of $400 real money dollars IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE for play).

YOU AGREE TO play a minimum of 3000 raked hands prior to requesting any CASH-OUT of your account. Once you have participated in 3000 raked hands, your funds can be withdrawn at your leisure.

Minimum matching deposit amount is $50. Maximum matching deposit amount is $200.
If you would like to take advantage of our REAL MONEY DEPOSIT BONUS OFFER, just click on the "I accept your bonus offer" link located in the "Terms and Conditions" below. You will receive a confirmation email guaranteeing your spot in the REAL MONEY DEPOSIT BONUS offer. (Available only to the first 300 participants).

Terms and Conditions: I would like to receive my 100% real money bonus and I understand that I cannot execute a CASH-OUT of my account prior to participation in 3000 non-tournament, real money raked hands.

I accept your BONUS OFFER

Please do not forget to tell your friends about our STANDARD 50% SIGN-UP BONUS, plus the additional 100% REAL MONEY DEPOSIT BONUS. (Available only to the first 300 participants).

Thanks again for your business!


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be careful here. i have seen a guy with Q9 call 3 raises preflop and catch miracles. He did it a lot. Mankes me think the site might be not on the leverl. I play in the freeroll tourneys everyday. They are nice and if you play in side games and get 500 points you can enter the 25K freeroll.

Bonuses are extremely hard to clear. But the side games I have seen some very funny things happen. I had AA twice and lost both times. Fishy fishy.

But by all means sign up to play in the freerolls. they are nice.

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