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Oct 15, 2004
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I been bouncing around some forums and was reading about 2 different poker players have money disappear out of their Neteller account into 24 Hour Poker. It was a total of 4 transfers, 1 cash and 2 InstaCash. Around $3K total.
Yet both claims they don't have an account at 24 Hour Poker.

People are talking about a hacker via Trojans or spyware.

Me personally? I was thinking maybe collusion and they had their accounts locked and were retalliating this way. Seen it before.

Yet today, the story takes a twist. I have a fellow player that I've known for almost 2 years and trust. He had the same thing happen to him to recently.

So either 24 Hour Poker, something is seriously wrong there or like a said, we have a hacker stealing via 24 Hour Poker. It is under investigation by Neteller.

It's a good day to change your Neteller password.

Anybody else hear complaints??
Seems there's a trend going here.....check out:

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Been posted on other forums re: This exact same problem.

From what little I've read, it seems it's definately a trojan/keylogger/whatever to get your Neteller info. Whether or not 24hr poker is in collusion on this, I have no idea; BUT it does seem awful suspicious as they'd need further information/ID to cashout.

Or maybe they're preying on the fact that 24hr poker is clueless and doesn't answer support mails (again read other posts), and getting the money in and out before they know what's going on. *shrug*
24hourpoker was a VC/GP skin that merged with Golden Palace long before Tribeca even existed. I believe it has not been a standalone for a couple of years. I just noticed that was what the OP was talking about at 2+2. I am going to assume he means 24hpoker which is the main skin on the B2B Network.

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