23k hit on 3dice over 10000x bet

So... just when i was betting over my own limit normally (2 euro) i went back to 1.20 and got this...

I can't complain.

Sorry for hijacking your topic but this topic really made me sign up here eventually. :p

Thats a nice hit. Never hit the girls with the wilds before.
3Dice runs a pretty tight ship of a business. They have their reasons for everything and are cautious. All I see in chat are people, (mostly Americans who haven't fully embraced cryptocurrency yet) asking for brokers every few minutes.. 3Dice could of easily implemented a CC provider that forges the locations and description to CC banks to take payments, but chose to do things the right way. That's just an example.

Having more deposit options would be nice for sure! I think they would rather not risk people doing chargebacks so they stick to broker/crypto. it is nice to be bale to broker and get instant payouts when you are strapped for cash. They had some other deposit options for cc a few months back from what I recall. Think they used the same processor as Vegascrest because the coupon codes worked at both sites.

Hopefully they add more options soon.
I really miss 3Dice as an Aussie. It holds some of my fondest online gambling memories when I could play. Anna was always lovely to deal with. I might have to look into bitcoin to play there again.

I was gone for several years. bitcoin was the only way I was bale to come back.

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