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Jan 20, 2004
We've received several PABs and seen a good many more threads on the forums regarding a plethora of problems at this casino: taking bets in unlicensed jurisdictions; malfunctioning games; unpaid withdrawals (£20,000+); accounts closed without explanation; etc etc. Needless to say nothing is being done and player complaints submitted to them are being ignored. If they aren't a Rogue casino they are doing a pretty good imitation of one. So ...

WARNING: Players are experiencing far too many unaddressed problems at this casino including but not limited to non-payment of winnings. The casino is simply ignoring player complaints. Players are STRONGLY advised to play elsewhere.
22bet is reviewed by Casinomeister - Rogue Casino Warning
We've had a few more issues come through regarding 22Bet.com -- mostly slow-pay/no-pay issues -- and it appears that the casino's stock response is now "the player should contact us directly" regardless of how many times the player has already done so with unsatisfactory results. Such a response is just another way of ignoring the issue and so ...:

BE AWARE: 22Bet.com is ignoring player complaints and refusing to do anything when the player does as they request by contacting the casino directly. Given the casino's behaviour it is highly unlikely that we can do anything to help players if they have problems at this casino.
More complaints, more PABs, more of the same from the casino. This is their current response to PABs:
We do not provide any information to third parties.
In other words we can't help you if you have problems at 22Bet.com. Avoid this casino.
Bumping this again since we're still receiving complaints about these guys, mostly regarding BS excuses for stalling and/or not paying out on withdrawals. Our latest response from this is:
Unfortunately we cannot discuss any player inquiries with any third party because this would mean breaching our privacy policy.

As before, players are STRONGLY advised to look elsewhere for their online casino services.

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