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21Dukes - Do casinos really think they will maximise their profits behaving like this

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by Adam Randall, Nov 17, 2017.

    Nov 17, 2017
  1. Adam Randall

    Adam Randall Full Member

    So on average in a month I probably spend up to $800 on online casinos. I have no kids, no wife and while it is more than I probably should, well it keeps me happy.

    I seem to have not bad luck and on at least 5 occasions now have had a small deposit below $100 grow to over $1k, I even got a $20 deposit to $2600 a few weeks ago and it was an amount that had all wagering requirements met and I could take the full amount out at any time.

    I have bad luck too in the fact that while the initial amount is not a lot, I generally never pull the pin and go on to lose the whole lot. I have never withdrawn money from an online casino yet.

    So I am pretty much their target demographic

    If people running these casinos thinks that you can send me a marketing email offering 25 spins like 21Dukes did tonight and then reneg on it in some way, all you are doing is ensuring that you are repelling people that are constantly testing you guys for the single most important quality in an online casino and that is integrity.

    most of the time with these free spins, I do not win a thing but occasionally I get a good streak like tonight. I was absolutely going to deposit $100 tonight with a casino and decided to play the 25 free spins after which win or lose I would have deposited $100

    I was up to around $150 after playing for a while and I thought, you know what, before I spend any more time I am just going to double check that this casino is going to pass the integrity test.

    So I get on live support and asked them I have been doing well tonight and want to find out if it is a catch. Their answer was that on my first deposit my balance would go back to zero.
    They said I had 2 accounts, legit do not remember setting up another one and never use it although it is a username I used to use in the past so no doubt they are right.

    The important thing here is they know this and use it to reneg on their end of a deal. It is dishonest and demonstrates they use it to their advantage instead of doing what a company of integrity would do and inform a player beforehand - no they keep it a little secret so they can use it if you ever do have luck.

    Now I cannot remember many of the other casinos that I have issues like this with however they all seem to be the same format, they all seem to be easy to win on which makes me instantly suspicious.

    So my list for casinos that I have had issues like this are

    Winward (something like that)

    These are casinos that have offered a bonus of some type where I have taken it and met or exceeded and with these two, I have exceeded in orders of magnitude from the original deposit

    Fairgo casino $20 deposit with 100% matching bonus became around $1800 withdrawlable at one point
    ** I need to mention the only negative I have had with them is that they require an actual form to be filled out that looks like it will require some time invested and a 2 day turn around before it is likely to be approved before you can withdraw funds. With many casinos now have the document submission as an almost instant approval service, I think it is an area they need to improve on - we can all tell it is designed to prey on the weakness of the average gambler and that is like in the movie casino - keep them playing.

    While sure I could organise pre approval before gambling, I am a disorganised person who hates paperwork and will put if off until absolutely required.

    Betchain (althought their support staff I have found could be a bit more polite and not act like we are trying to pull a shifty) - I got my withdrawlable amount from $100 with 100% bonus up to around $2.5 with all wagering completed and they have a very fast system for approving required documents so that you can withdraw.

    So my message to the shifty casinos out there, people who spend money regularly are using your marketing offers as a gauge to discard you & this will lead to shifty casinos like the ones mentioned above to struggle and hopefully die a quick death and be made to pay for their underhanded ways.

    I could have been playing at a casino tonight like the ones above and known that my winning were exactly that rather than these false promises where the casino will use any underhanded tactic to void paying anything out.

    If you had given me the option of taking what is it @max $100 then I would have just lost that along with my deposit but instead you send out marketing material to attract players only to repel them with your business practices

    Well thanks because now I spent the time to write this up and have not lost that $100 so think witches brew at the Fair Go casino is looking mighty inviting at the moment.

    One final note, jam your underhanded behaviour and please keep doing what you do so we have a way of determining integrity prior to making a deposit.
  2. Nov 17, 2017
  3. Vibroverb

    Vibroverb Experienced Member

    well, I'm surprised you went to that casino and expected integrity and honesty. 21dukes is just 1 site, there a few more under the same operation and plenty of people have been screwed by them. Had you done prior research you would have probably uncovered it. They use hidden terms and conditions to take your bonus away, they'll give you $2000 bonus but the max you can withdraw will be $100. You accept this when you join

    I see you're in Australia, I know that this line of casinos is targeting Australia, so be careful. They'll offer Netent games, and bonuses up to $5000 but once you win anything, you're on your own.

    Good luck!
  4. Jan 16, 2019 at 3:35 PM
  5. Emily_casino-rep

    Emily_casino-rep I-Gaming Industry Representative

    Dear Adam,

    I hope this message finds you well.

    Please note that I have looked into the matter and found that indeed, the 21 Dukes account that you were referring to was a duplicate of an older one that you created a few years ago. This is probably the reason why you could not remember it. The initial account is still enabled however, and I would like to invite you to give the games another try.

    In this respect, the Sign-Up Bonus consisting of 25 free spins has been re-added to the account and is cashable up to the amount of $100. The $100 that can be withdrawn can be placed in a payout request as soon as all documents are on file and the first deposit is made on the account. Winnings exceeding the amount of $100 will be deducted from the account, due to the fact that they are not cashable.

    The account verification process is very quick and simple, as you have the option of uploading the documents directly on your account, so that they can be reviewed by the Security team on the spot. Your account manager has also emailed you with your username and all the information regarding the account and your first withdrawal. He is, as am I, at your full disposal with whatever information or help you need regarding the account and you can also use the Live Chat feature for instant assistance, as our support team is online 24/7.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you and I hope that you will decide to give the games another try.

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