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Jan 9, 2017
goodwood heights
Apart from the constant drop out or video bug with play n go games on mobile version. I absolute disgusted with there loyalty department.

I sent them email concerning the issues I had with a screen capture clip. It's been over 1 week now and I have not have any response from them at all.

I also had finally been in a winning situation and made a withdraw. I went on live help and also email loyalty to ask them to process the withdraw quicker (apparently that's one of their many benefit of being part of there loyalty group).
But nope nothing got done, not even a response from any departments. I even hopped on live chat again and they said yes they have msg the department. And nothing again.

Mind you I only play on 21casino after reading on forums of there fast payment time.
This is what I got from their email confirmation of the withdraw.

"The withdrawal will stay pending for approximately 2 days; during which time you have the option to reverse your withdrawal; upon reversal, funds will be returned to your playing account immediately.

Once your withdrawal has been approved by the accounts department and moved from pending to accepted. If withdrawing to a wallet, in most cases the funds will reflect immediately but can take up to 24 hours. Should you withdraw to your bank account or credit card, withdrawals typically reflect within the first 2 business days, but can take up to 5 business days to reflect depending on your bank's processing facilities."

The withdraw will stay pending for 2 days? Are they purposely doing that?
Compare to other casinos that have lightning fast payment, what's going on with 21casino?
As I said last week the processing times are all over the place but once processed it will hit your bank within 24 hrs have a bit of patience u will get your money
I'd say in most cases I have had withdrawals in my account within 24 hours of me initiating the request. Only the first withdrawal took a bit longer.
i ve had that problem with game stopping due to account error for over two months and have been on chat sent emails and screen shots no nearer getting the problem solved.
Still no replies from the loyalty department and now play n go games failed to load sources..

This is an utter joke.. how do they think they stack up against other casino with their woeful service, slow withdrawing processing time and buggy games..
Hi ktruo123 and all,

The game query - please pm me your username and/or email and i will check what the status of it is. Loyalty club are very fast at replying usually so i am unsure why you have not been replied to without any further information. As a general rule of thumb though, outside of the loyalty club response time, assuming live help escalated it to the game provider we have a 5 business day SLA with them so it does take some time.

Regarding withdrawals - the withdrawal email confirmation time is a template email that, it can take up to 2 days depending on it you have a bonus check or kyc flags etc. However on most occasions it is much faster than this as others have mentioned.

steveyboy - could you please also provide me your username/email by PM so i can have a look at what yo have sent in and see if our product team can replicate it?

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