Be Aware won't discuss player issues, players must use their designated ADR


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Jan 20, 2004
A player came to us with an issue that involved non-payment of around £5500: they had repeatedly tried to get to explain why this action had been taken but the casino would not respond and only ignored the player's attempts. In frustration the player turned to us.

Over the next six weeks we tried several times to get the casino to respond to the player's complaint. No reply. Only when I pointed out that the next and final step in this process was going to be to alert our readership to their refusal to respond to player complaints did they respond and then only to say "we aren't able to discuss any accounts or player details with third-parties". The only course of action they offered was for the player to take their complaint to IBAS, the designated ADR.

Be Aware: is confiscating player winnings without explanation and won't discuss player complaints with anyone but their designated ADR. If you have an issue with you have no choice but to do as they say. In other words we can't be of much help to you.

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