2020/21 premier league and any football elsewhere discussion


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May 8, 2018
south east england
I'm wondering if Lukaku will sign for the toon in the new years transfer market :)
Would be nice if nufc did a blackburn, scout the lower leagues and craft a team dominated by uk players, or even what keegan did, iirc most of his signings, even the overseas players, worked out well. Lukaku might be good if he fits the gameplan, rather than he's flopped at chelsea so willing to move.


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Dec 12, 2017
United Kingdom
I hope Newcastle get relegated,Chelsea and Man City too,but failing that Everton will do for now. The disgusting money laundering operation it has become makes me sick to my stomach.

PS,nothing against Geordies as I think they and us scousers are very similar but I just want these filthy,crooked murderers out of the beautiful game of football.