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There's talk of Sparky taking over on an interim basis until the end of the season, I think that would be quite shrewd.

Then offload most of the dead wood like Pogba, Fred, Mata, Jones, Dalot etc and get Poch in the Summer to start a complete rebuild
There's talk of Sparky taking over on an interim basis until the end of the season, I think that would be quite shrewd.

Then offload most of the dead wood like Pogba, Fred, Mata, Jones, Dalot etc and get Poch in the Summer to start a complete rebuild
I'd be happy to see Sparky return as interim manager. It might suit all parties to be honest.

But yeah, I think we need to start over. Pogba definitely needs to go (I HATE his meddling, shit-stirring agent, who is just a thorn in our side).
Fred needs to go so Keano won't have a meltdown that leaves Micah Richards in stitches.

Most of all, I want Van De Beek to get his fair shot at proper playing time.
Keane actually wants a return to management, as he mentioned it about four times in that scenic chat with Gary Neville the other week.

Imagine the terror he'd instil in that wayward, overpaid squad :eek2:

But that would mean losing his priceless punditry and repartee with Micah as you say!

Highlights in recent memory include

"I would have saved that"

"He needs to be left off the bus" (regarding De Gea)

"Fred's not a Man United player"

and the immortal

"That's his job"

The man's priceless :D
Ole had to go. Something is very, very wrong there.

It's more than just a lack of belief in Ole's tactics and/or a lack of confidence among the players.
I can't help but think that there is a toxicity in the atmosphere at United.

And how ironic that the player who scored the final goal of Ole's reign was none other than Van De Beek, the guy who has been criminally
underused by Ole, while others continued to get playing time that they never deserved (Fred being one of them).

I almost hope that we get relegated. Because it might take that to get the Glazers to sell up.

RIP The United that I knew and loved
It was obvious from the get go that Ole is not a PL standard manager. His CV showed that. He should never have got the job permanently after his interim spell.

Look at the managers we’ve had post Fergie. An out of his depth Moyes, a past his peak Van Gaal, a past his peak Mou and a loveable but tactically bereft former player. Of course this is on the board and I agree I think the club needs to be sold to owners with ambition to be the best in the world on the pitch.

However, getting a top class manager at his peak would elevate us almost overnight from the doldrums we’re in currently.
Not too sure with these assessments....Moyes not given enough time or full backing, Van Gaal = serial winner everywhere he went, employed to steady the ship, was defensive-minded, also not given enough time either (he naturally moves on quickly between jobs), bloodied plenty of youngsters.

Mourinho came off a bad Chelsea season, was and always will be a serial winner, not given enough time or transfer control.

Solskjaer = had the Man Utd blueprint but tactically woeful, too 'early' in the job (like Fat Frank The P.E Teacher) and unable to control the dressing room or drop out-of-form players *cough* Maguire *cough*

Sad part is that United have had the right managers at the club already and discarded them all (bar Ole and his magic wheel of course)

I bet Tuchel didn't dick around when taking over at Chelsea and didn't submit to the whims of the board, neither Conte at Spurs. The Glaziers pretty much marked the end of an era, unfortunately
Moyes was always going to pay for being the successor to SAF. Shoes that were impossible to fill.

Never be the legend's successor, be the legend's successor's successor.
I for one am glad to see him doing great at West Ham.

Van Gaal walked away a winner, even if his stint would have been considered a failure by the media/pundits.
And the way he was fired (literally hours after winning the FA Cup) was just completely classless.
He deserved way better than to be done dirty like that.

Mourinho did the best he could, given the circumstances. He too at least managed to bag a couple of trophies.
When he said "leading United to 2nd place (18!! points behind City) is one of my greatest achievements", he wasn't wrong.
And this coming from a guy who won a TREBLE with Inter.

As for Ole....he HAD to win that Europa League final against Villareal last season. If he wins that, he is probably still the manager now.

Have to say...Tuchel has worked wonders at Chelsea. And I think he is going to be rewarded with an EPL win to go with the CL he already has.

Given that Pep, Klopp, and Tuchel (and the squads they are in charge of) are already operating at a very high level,
I just cannot see a top 3 other than Chelsea, City and Liverpool (and probably in that order IMHO)

Even if we were to land Poch TONIGHT, I think our best hope in the EPL is to finish in 4th place.
So, Utd have appointed Ralf Rangnick as interim manager for six months.

Now normally I'd say "Who??" but it turns out I 'know' him from years of Football Manager. His stats are good, there's no denying - though in recent times he's taken more boardroom/ director roles. Look at those numbers!


I'll be very interested to see how this fares, can't say my interest isn't piqued


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Football manager is one of the most addictive games I've played. I could spend 10 hours in a row at that thing, having lost the sense of time. Any modern version of FIFA or PES even comes close to it.
Ralf's mental stat is low, is that good?...less inclined to dish out the hairdryer treatment when the team is playing crap :laugh:

Try before you buy is sensible, he's going to be better than ole, man utd was just too big for him. When klopp signed for lfc, I remember reading chelsea and man utd fans on forums wishing they had got him, and they were right he is very good all round.
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