20% of gamblers attempt suicide — why don't we take the addiction more seriously?


Game old gal
Mar 13, 2008
I would really like to see the thread title changed.

20% of ADDICTED gamblers would be a little sensationistic, but at least the claim of the article. and possibly closer to the truth. I've been gambling quite a few decades, and henceforth has known a lot of other gamblers. Contemplated suicide? I might think that number was conservative.

But I do remember reading a lot of years ago, and more than once since... Compulsive gambling had a higher rate of suicide than any other addiction.

I'm willing to believe that.

It should be taken more seriously.

But a thread title like this? Just looks like crackpot yellow journalism


Ueber Meister
Jun 22, 2013
Ontario Canada
This was posted a few hours after this thread started by a friend on my facebook. (Good timing), but I kept forgetting to bring it here. As a female, I can not allow to take responsibility for what men chose to do, or for anyone in that matter. Clearly there is a problem though. Blaming it on women and our roles in society, is like us women blaming men for holding us back, which in truth, it's a society issue. Anyways, it's a good read, and good timing :)
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