2 people/same home/2 accounts?


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Jul 26, 2008
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Ha! I bet that title got your attention. OK. I have a big question. Let me digress for a minute 1st. I inherited my parents home...BIG HOUSE. We are turning it basically into a duplex w/shared kitchen. My son and his wife are moving in to one 'end' of the house. Yes it's a Big house. Now, now...it's not as bad as it sounds. We all get along beautifully, and have lived together (in a MUCH smaller space before this). It's for financial reasons...sharing all bills,etc.

Now, my question is this. I'm a small time player...small deposits...I play for the entertainment...hardly ever cash out...I don't start with enough $$ to do much, but I have fun. Now, on the other hand...my daughter-in-law PLAYS. I don't mean she would EVER be considered...is it called a whale?...but compared to me...little fish...she is a whale. LOL (Just to give you an idea of what her playing state of mind is like).
We use satellite internet here (rural home), but that probably doesn't matter anyway.
Now the question......
Can She play online from here, since I already play online?
Isn't that going to be considered 2 accounts from the same household?
I mean, as far as That money (casino $$)...their money is theirs, and My money is Mine. Just share household operating funds. But I'm 'betting' (no pun) the online casinos won't see it that way.
She plays brick and mortar these days...but she is a Player, and I KNOW when they get moved in, and she sees ME playing online and having fun, she's going to want to play online also.
I don't think that is possible is it?
Can the casinos Grant Permission to do this?
I'm just trying to get ready for what is to come. I know my girl.
Could I kill an account someplace she wanted to join and have that work? (After talking to the casino about it of course).
I really need help from everyone that knows how this stuff works....jeez, I get lost reading the T&C's most times....feel like I need a lawyer on retainer to splain them to me! :rolleyes: But what I DO KNOW it always says "only one account per household". NONONO I don't want anyone to tell me how to "get around" that rule. I don't do stuff like that. I just want to know if there is a 'casino legal' way She and I can both play online. OK? I mean, gosh...someday I Might have the chance to cash out, and I don't want any broken rules to get in the way!

Thanks in advance. I always come here for the hard questions.:notworthy
If I posted this in the wrong place...just let me know where you moved me. I tend to do that a lot.


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Mar 11, 2009
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re. 2 people/same home/2 accounts?

i have a gf whom just started to get into playing online and was up front with casino and theres not a problem ,im vip and she isnt but shouldnt matter anyhow ,good luck


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Aug 25, 2004
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Can the casinos Grant Permission to do this?
Yes they can!

The simple answer is to contact all the relevant casinos first and ask!
Make sure you get it in writing (e.g. an e-mail) and you shouldn't have any problems.
The worst thing you can do is carry on playing without informing them.



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Mar 13, 2008
If she already plays online, find if there are any casinos you both play at and let the casino know of the change in circumstances. You may find that bonuses are restricted to one account however. If you get a casino that will not allow both accounts from the same household, flip a coin, draw straws or whatever.

If she's not already playing online, maybe try using different casinos if you both enjoy playing bonuses. There's quite a few to choose from for most platforms. Just double check that there are no prohibitions against playing within the same group.

Some casinos will allow, some will not. But make sure you have permission IN WRITING before any new registrations, or before making deposits on existing accounts.

Don't be surprised if they ask for some ID verification, and your DIL might want to check what they will require in advance, since the household bills will likely be in your name.


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Jul 11, 2008
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I would suggest you send a copy of this very nice post to the casino you want to play at and if a response is received keep it in you document file as proof when you withdraw your 1000'ss

But to be honest the safest way would be to sign up with different casinos not affiliated with each other
for eg . Club World and HighNoon are from the same family
So is Jackpot Capital and Slostatics and Grand Vegas etc


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Oct 14, 2004
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An interesting question.

When the house is converted, and they move in, it is THEY who will end up getting flagged if they register a new account at a casino where you already have an account. The casino will think it is YOU trying to open a second account, and that will cause BOTH accounts to be flagged.

I am assuming that once converted, the two parts of the house will still have the SAME postal address, thus will be classed as a "single household" under the casinos' usual rules.

Casinos like Club World group can be divided up between you, with one playing at two, and the other playing at the other two. It is no different to the situation where a single player has an account at each.

The issue is more complex where casinos have a one account (with bonuses) per group policy, and you have already registered. In this case, you MUST clear this with the casino beforehand, otherwise your daughter-in-law could find herself saddled with an account not entitled to any bonuses.

ID documents are likely to be requested anyway, but in this situation it is even MORE important that BOTH players can provide documents, and be prepared to do so even on accounts they have never withdrawn at. This is because casinos are going to see the same household producing a pair of players that look like they don't belong in the same household. They might therefore suspect that your daughter-in-law is having her ID used by yourself to get duplicate accounts. In such situations, casinos want documents from ALL flagged accounts, NOT just the one that has produced a withdrawal.

You & your daughter-in-law should get together to ensure that you don't inadvertently fall into the trap of triggering a "flag" against any of your accounts. If you think this could happen, BOTH of you should contact the casino involved. Your daughter-in-law should also wait until she has received updated documents giving her new address before opening any new accounts, otherwise she will be unable to prove her ID to a casino when asked, and her old ID documents will NOT match her new address, something that will make the casino even MORE suspicious.

If you can, stick to accredited and "good to go" casinos, where you at least have access to a rep here, and the PAB process. If you or your daughter-in-law find that one (or more) of your casinos is in the rogue pit, get your money out & ditch the account. Rogues would use a situation like this as an excuse to confiscate winnings from either of you.


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Jul 26, 2008
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thank you

Thanks to everyone for all the good advice given here. I shall take it to heart and do everything the proper way. I'm just thrilled to find out this can be done! WOOHOO!
I appreciate the time everyone spent answering my long drawn out question :)


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Oct 30, 2008
"Can you please send us a picture of you together holding up both of your IDs?"