2 20k royals same machine different day.


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Jan 25, 2006
rented a house on the jersey shore(lbi) for a week. left the gf and kids there and slipped out for a one night bender in atlantic city. was gettin beat up pretty bad when i stuffed a few hundred into a $5 vp machine(ddb). figured any quad will get me a few bucks back. played for an hour or so when i got a heart royal dealt to me. nice suprise, 20 grand. got my check and blew a few bucks on some $25 slots before calling it a night. next morning i grab some coffee and head down for some more vp. played a few machines with no luck and found myself at the same machine i had royaled the night before. not long in i get dealt 4 to a heart royal. i think no way this is happening again. i was right. i got nothing on the draw. lol. couldnt have been 20 hands later i get dealt 3 to a diamond royal. hit draw and bam! another 20 grand! i have royaled more than once in a day but never the same machine. technically this wasnt the same day but it was no more than 8 or 9 hours between royals. stopped at bank of america in lbi and deposited the checks. all in i ended up up about 34k for a one night jaunt. not bad work if ya can get it.:)


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Oct 9, 2006
And my family laughs when I tell them that certain machines keep paying while others dont! 1819....Congrats and btw on this Northern subject under Howdaydo thread I have a list of good machines at the Tropicana:p

My other proof is this: There are hundreds of machines downstairs at the Trop and one morning (infact i mentioned this in another thread) the ONLY 3 machines that had an out of order sign on them were the 3 out of 5 I play all the time. coincidence?

Another BTW...I tipped a slot attendant and his eyes pointed to one of those machines I keep winning on. The other slot attendant played dumb and on another trip this woman slot attendant showed me the same machine the first one did LMAO.

So....I dont care how many ppl might laugh (not you, my family)at me. There are machines that are loose and some that are tight. Im convinced. And...the time of day makes a huge difference at the Trop too. 6am, 430pm are the two best times to play them