$2,000 GameMaster Blackjack Tournament


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Apr 4, 2003
The GameMaster awaits You!

The GameMaster is back for the attack! He can be beaten so it's all up to you. Qualification started Friday, July 23rd, 2004, until Tuesday, July 27th. Please see the Leaderboard for the exact hours:
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The grand prize of $2000 CASH is up for grabs!

At the end of the four-day qualification period, four semi-final participants would have been selected. The fifth participant will be determined with a wildcard selection, whereby each qualifying participant, who has played at least 50 rounds, will get another chance to qualify!

1. st prize: $200 bonus
2. nd prize: $100 bonus
3. rd prize: $50 bonus

All are welcome to watch the final live and chat
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with the contestants whilst they are actually playing.
Please read the complete rules of the tournament:
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