Slow Pay 1xbet withdrawal issue


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Mar 18, 2016
Hello to everyone! I know there's already thread about this bookie but i decided to make a new one to make sure that everyone can see it ( the other thread is resolved )!

Two weeks ago, i started to win a little bit of money with this book, i was making deposit with my neteller account and withdrawal with it to.

When i arrived and won approximatively 1k, they blocked my withdrawal, so i sent them emails to ask them why.

Of course, they told me to send a color picture of my ID ( they do not accept scans copies ) so i did it in the next 20 minutes that they've asked. This is where they started to play with me. It's been 4 days and they're doing everything in the world to stop me from getting my money. They started with my id, after that they asked photos of my neteller account ( they ask also screens of sections that doesn't exist on neteller ), they asked me to fill the section "city" in my 1xbet personnal profil ( it seems simple but once you're registrated you cannot change it.. ), photo of my credit card, again photos of my neteller account because to them : " To verify the data you should send screen shots in the full-sized version of windows without cutting the top and bottom panels. "

So i did EVERYTHING they ask but they keep asking for things that i already sent. I won't let them go I am 100% honest and I have nothing to hide.

When i want to withdraw it's already cancelled and a message ( request for documents ) appears but i send them everything in the world that they need to to check that i'm not a fraud or something like that..

I'm making this to ask for help if someone had the same problem and managed to changed it. And of course for the ones who would like to go on this bookie to see the real face when you win..

Thank you for reading me in the next post i will show the conversation with them


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Dec 18, 2014
Bonsoir Monsieur DocteurFist et bienvenue a CasinoMeister :D

Unfortunately, you are among a "trillion" players who complain about this bookie. There are a few threads here at CM where 1xbet paid in the end:

You could try and contact them to find out what they did that triggered 1xbet to pay up although they might not be active anymore on CM.

One other question: WHY, WHY and WHY are you not googling a bookie before committing your hard earned cash with them?????? :eek:

Just enter into Google: "1xbet complaint" and you get this:
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. That list stretches all the way to the moon and back several times. :( :eek2:

Sorry to say this but slowly i lose sympathy with players throwing money out of the window simply by not doing their due diligence before depositing money with a casino/bookie. :rolleyes: :eek:

If you want to be in safe hands in the future, then check the CM accredited list: Link Outdated / Removed . The higher the rating the better they are and the faster they pay.

Good luck with getting paid by 1xbet but i would not be too optimistic.


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Mar 21, 2016
dont be worried

Really friend if your account is 100 % clean , don't be worried , they paid ,

i deposit around 12 K on 1xbet , i withdraw around 21K ,i was really worried because i read many story on 1xbet , they were very annoying on verification ( all webmoney account payment , all receipt , receipt of payment of bitcoin adress , id card , id card with face ) , they take a time ( But at final around 30 40 mails , but only 2 days )

But they paid i finally receive this message

Dear user. Withdrawing is allowed.

I'm happy and i can say they are honest


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Feb 21, 2017
Selling open 1xBet- claims to a debt collector

I am looking for customers of 1XBet, whose withdrawals are being refused by 1XBet, in order to develop a common strategy to recover our money.
One of the options I would like to consider is to sale the outstanding claims "en bloc" to a debt collector in Russia, the home country of 1XBet. For the initial contact with the debt collector it will be necessary to inform about the total amount we are talking about. Please write me an email to [email protected] to inform me about the amount of the withdrawal that is being denied by 1XBEt.
From my point of view, we should focus on realizing at least 75% of our money (= max. of 25% of commission to the debt collector)
I look forward to your answers.
Best regards,
Wolfram Daniel Heinz