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Feb 16, 2017
Hi everyone,

I just got scammed by them. I have a 1xbet account since more than a year, i lost about 5000 euros overall. I made a lot of deposits and a lot of withdrawals without any problem.
For the first time, i won real money last week, about 800 euros. 5 days ago, they locked my account (with a balance of 2400 euros) when i tried to make a withdrawal.
They asked me every documents you can imagine : selfie holding document with email image, as background , proofs of my deposits ...
I send them everything ! They made me fill out 2 claims where they ask me my favorite sport, my profession ...
And now they ask me to send them by post to a russian address photocopies of documents i already gave them ...
They are playing with me, i know they will never unlock my account . I made some research on the net and i found out many customers who got scammed by 1xbet but unfortunately it was too late for me.


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I've been in touch with the casino people and the bottom line is that they have serious misgivings about the validity of your documents. They want to see hardcopy notarised documents before they're willing to proceed.

Are their requests excessive? Quite possibly.
Are they "scamming" you? Not really, but they might be trying to rip you off. If you sent them what they asked for we'd have a better idea.

Thread title changed from "1xbet scam" because there is no evidence that that is a legitimate accusation.
Thanks for your help maxd

They have serious misgivings about the validity of your documents.

I sent them a selfie holding my identity card and my passport with our conversation by email in the background, they accepted it. They have no doubt about my identity.

I will send the photocopies this week by registered letter with an acknowledgement of receipt, i will keep you updated.
The letter couldn't be delivered because the address doesn't exist !

I sent the documents by registered letter WITHOUT signature, it means that if nobody was here to sign, the letter would have been delivered anyway, if the address was real.

I found out another customer who got scammed by 1xbet who sent them his documents the 24/02/2017 by registered letter with signature. He got the same message as me, it's one more proof that the address is fake.

1xbet is playing with me ! This site is a big scam.

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Are you certain? While my french is far from perfect, it appears that it has arrived at the Russian distribution centre (local post office I assume). This was only yesterday, so I'd allow a few days for local delivery.

I'd advise you not to post further, but to communicate with Maxd directly regarding your PAB.
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The letter couldn't be delivered because the address doesn't exist !

What notification have you received that the address does not exist? As Jas said, the items you posted only say that it arrived at the local distribution office.
The last status is : "Tentative de distribution infructueuse"

It means that the letter couldn't be delivered, it has to be because the address doesn't exist. I don't see any other reason.
The last status is : "Tentative de distribution infructueuse"

It means that the letter couldn't be delivered, it has to be because the address doesn't exist. I don't see any other reason.

Ah, I see what you mean, my mistake.

Obviously there are serious problems here. Do you have something to show where you actually sent the thing to? If yes please send that to me at this address :

Once I have verification that you sent the thing to the address they specified I'll post a Warning. Then, if these guys are up to making things right, then let them come forward.
I sent my documents to this address : Russian Federation, Mytishchi, Semashko St. 35, office 19, P.O BOX 1.

A 1xbet agent confirmed me the address.

I have a tracking number and i have a receipt, where the address isn't written.
Yes, the letter will come back to me.

This is what 1xbet told me :

I've been forwarded a new address. You and other players who experienced problems or who have been returned emails sent to Mytyshi are encouraged to write here: Russian Federation, Moscow, 2 Letnikovskaya Street, Building 3, P.O. Box 14, 115114

I don't know what to do, i don't want to spend any more money for their scamming site. They will never reimburse me the cost of mailing.

Everyday i find out new customers who got scammed by 1xbet.

Look at this case :

Hello, I'm new here but I would like to share my problem with you to find any possible HELP cause I saw that many of you have same problems with these guys & also the admins help a lot.

I opened my account in 1Xbet last November (11/11/2016). I made several deposits the first 3 days (3100€ total) and placed some bets. I won a lot of money in live betting on Greece-Bosnia H.(13/11/2016, World Cup Q.) at Red Card shown in the match.
Next day I tried to withdraw some money for the first time. At that time they blocked my account and started asking from me to provide verification documents:
1. My ID card
2. Police Statement verifying my Address.
3. Every screenshot from my personal Neteller account with all the details
4. Selfie with my ID card
5. Selfie with me holding my ID card and my Computer signed in my email account showing my incoming emails from them.

After providing all these documents listed above they asked me what is my relation with a person I don't know and I have never heard.

Then a procedure of "claiming" my money in my account started (this procedure was reffered as "claim registration" from them)
The following events happened in the order listed below:
1. I filled in a questionnaire in my account. (personal information and information about when i opened my account, how I toped up my account etc.)
2. I sent to them by hard mail in Russia-Moscow all my documents (ID card, Passport, Police Statement for my Adress, Neteller screenshots) as they asked for (I was charged 28€!)
3. The parcel returned back because they didn't pick it up(!!!), so I sent them by email all the details that courier service gave me and I sent them a set of photos from the returned parcel as they asked for.
4. They apologised for my inconvenience and I sent the parcel again as I was asked. (I was charged again 28€!!)
5. I filled again a new form of questions in my account. This time there were some strange questions like who could use my details without my knowledge, if I'm related with Bookmaker's employees or sportspeople and who could influence my decisions to place bets. They also refered to a "bet in question" and when I placed this "bet" and what was the stake.They never informed me about any "bet in question" although I tried to answer to every question.
6. I also printed and sent by hard mail (3rd time!!!) this form as they asked me for.(I charged 28€ again !!!)

During all this proceedure I made 2 Skype video conferences as they asked me answering in every questions they asked.(depsite they don't have someone to speak my language (Greek) and it's hard for me to communicate live in English)

At the end after the 2nd Skype Video Conference they informed me in my account that I successfully passed the Skype tests and that they will inform me by email about my "claim".
2 weaks past without any information from them so I sent them an email asking about my "claim".
After almost 4 months totally keeping my money (7700€ deposits+winnings) and all this painfull identification proceedure they informed me that I can withdraw the deposited sum only (3100€), withholding any winnings.
They stated that the reason was that all bets in my account were placed by another person and this is against their rules.All this after every possible identification document sent by email and hard mail, 2 different questionnaires and 2 Skype Video Conferences!!!!!!!!

This is totally unacceptable!! They are obviously stealing my money and they refuse to accept that I gambled against them and won using this stupid excuse.

Please Help !!!
I just found out another player who got scammed by 1xbet :
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He sent them 14 documents, including a Notarially certificate of mental sanity at a notary public. This is just crazy ...
His account is still locked !

1xbet is a big scam !

I will never give up, i will keep ruining their reputation, i want to warn as many people as possible.
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