WARNING 1xBet is locking accounts, confiscating player balances


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A PAB came to us several weeks back wherein the player's account had been locked after a withdrawal request. The casino had then requested heaps of documents and the player had fulfilled all those requests, twice. Finally the casino demanded that the player send paper copies of notarized documents to their mailbox address in Russia. The player did so and it turned out the documents could not be delivered.

Ok, maybe something went wrong with the delivery. But the player did their homework and found another player that had gone through exactly the same thing, including the same no-go getting the docs delivered to that address in Russia.

At this point it has not yet been verified that the docs were sent to the exact address specified by the casino. However, I'm posting this Warning because all of this is sounding way too dodgy and players need to be on high alert regarding this casino:

WARNING: 1xBet (1xbet.com) is locking player accounts and subjecting players to excessive demands for KYC verification including demands that paper documents be sent to a non-existent mail address. The end result is that the player's balances have been confiscated and they have no recourse to get their money released and paid. Players are strongly advised to avoid this casino until there is good reason to believe that the casino has cleaned up its act.


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Just a bump to say that judging from what we're seeing in PABs received the problems at this casino haven't gone away. The casino has a bad habit of saying "we don't like the player's documents, they must send notarized copies to Russia by post."

Given the cost of getting documents notarized + the apparent problems the casino has keeping a valid postal address + the unreliability of the Russian postal service this effectively means the casino is blowing the players off: the chances of them actually receiving the documents AND processing them AND accepting them AND paying the player is so close to nil that the whole effort is pretty much a big, expensive boondoggle. It looks a lot like the casino is just throwing up enough barriers to the players that they'll give up and walk away. Very uncool!

The best we can do for PABers is to send their PAB details to the casino in the hopes -- admittedly hopes that we're not holding our breath over -- that the casino will do something about it.

In other words we can't chase these issues like normal PABs because we know from experience that the chances are very high that the casino will either ignore us or repeat their "send documents" foolishness.
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... The best we can do for PABers is to send their PAB details to the casino ...
Unfortunately this has proven singularly ineffective: a series of complaints over the course of the year have shown that the player gets their hopes up and the casino is simply ignoring and/or rejecting the stuff we send them. So ...

Be Aware: effective immediately we can't help you with complaints regarding 1xBet and related properties. Make no mistake, these guys are as roguey as they come. Players are STRONGLY advised to deposit their gambling dollars elsewhere.


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Something odd about this as 1xbet is FSB UK licensed, 1xbets leads to a Russian scam site, whereas 1xbet.com must be bad as if you try and access it from the UK you get a Curacao License 'compliance' page saying UK cannot visit as you do with 1xslots.com. If you go to .uk-1xbet.com however you DO get the UK-licensed FSB 1xbet site.

This is all interesting as if we remember the scam 21bet incident Announcement - Fake NetEnt Southpark/Aliens slots at 21Bet there were all sorts of denials that the clearly linked MGA and UKGC sites were not the same people (laughed out of the water in the thread as this was clearly BS).

So we know the MGA-licensed face of 21bet was using slots from a Russian fake-scam-aggregator which they daren't unleash on the UK (FSB license) side of things. It was a 'mistake' and they had been stitched up by the aggregator apparently....:rolleyes:

So now we have another incidence of East European scammers running a 1xbet site which operates to all intents and purposes legitimately on the UKGC side but is clearly linked to scam operations outside of the UK. This leads me to suspect they could be the same lot behind 21bet too as the modus operandi is identical, except I cannot say if the fake aggregator has been used on the non-UK arm of the operation 1xbet as we can with 21bet.

So we've already witnessed dodgy operations like Oceanbets obtaining a UKGC license (bcasino) with their gains and it would appear that the FSB license is a portal into the UK market for another load of scammers. This is two casinos now, 21bet and 1xbet so it's clear this FSB license is being used by some highly questionable operators. Like with bcasino, I expect the UKGC to do bugger-all about it.