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Been doing a fair bit of casino hopping recently as been having such bad results all software but this casino has been far my best experience for a while and is a keeper.
I made a micro deposit and got my balance up to 150 before losing it all - silly me. :)
But they have a bonus that is applied after you have made wager through and had a few issues with this and there seemed to be some confusion between distinguishing between this casino bonus and the sport bonus for some reason.
Thankfully it got resolved and I received 50 bonus off my initial 15 deposit with WR attached.
Made the WR and got up to around 400 cashable with decent hits on several slots and once again lost it all, silly me. :p

Yesterday I made another micro deposit and got my balance upto nearly 500 and then proceeded to get slaughtered on DOA with one bonus round is something like over a thousand spins which paid x 10 bet LOL - thought I would go for a big win and cashout or bust on this ulra high variance slot :oops:
So anyway decided to cashout 100 to test their cashout system last night and the money was in my skrill account today when I expected a request for docs. :thumbsup:

So yeah it's a casino and that DOA session was beyond brutal but had more hits and gametime here than any other casino in a long time.
My receipt said Sporting Bet so I guess they are part of this group.

Here is a screenshot of the start of my winning streak on new slot Strax wilds. First time playing this slot and hit this within 100 spins. At first I was disappointed with a full window of wilds only paying x400 bet but hey, actually hitting it was a thrill.
funny enough this was in the main game and later I hit the bonus and got the wilds as the stacked symbol but didn't hit much of anything.


I like to tell of my good experiences as well as bad and if you check my post history you will see I am a genuine player.
I don't know if they have RTP set higher (temporarily?) or it is just an absolute freak of luck I have had such better play here than other casinos lately but at least I know It is possible to actually hit the occasional win here and cashouts are fast (for UK and to skrill at least) and they are trustworthy group.

If you have played here let me know your experience with them good or bad.

Neon Strax, how do you hit 80,000 coins when I only hit 80 euro for full wilds?
I didn't see any multipliers in bonus game and the multiplyer would need to be x10 even if we count coins here as 0.01?
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