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Sep 17, 2004
I wanted to say hi as I am a long time follower but this is my first post. Anyway does anyone have an issues with Firepay and having the casino hold back your money until your deposit clears?

I deposited $1k into Intercasino and ran it up to $5k and they say it takes 7-9 business days before they can release the any cash. This is the second time this happened to me. The first time I made $7k only to lose it before it was made available to me.

This time I'm fairing a bit better and still have around $5k and just buying my time as its been 8 days (6 business).

Wish me Luck.... Who knows maybe I'll hit the rags to riches jackpot the day my funds free up... wouldn't that be Karma.

PS - I am not knocking InterCasino's play at all as I beleive they are extremely fair. But being the degenerate I am it is hard not to blow it all in 9 business days.
Firepay does not clear your deposit from the casino, until your check clears with firepay. It is the old adage "Checks in the Mail" when you use Firepay. Neteller is a better choice if you want quicker payout time.
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Basicially there is no difference between Neteller and Firepay. Even if you use Neteller. You won't be able to withdrawal all your money to your bank account. Until the amount withdrawn from your bank via Neteller clears in 5 days. So either way there is a min. of 5 days to get your money. I believe the casino industry and these casino funding sites. Are in lock and step with each other.
yeah usually they wait about 5 business days to payout firepay. havent tried neteller because I dont want to give them my social security number. They dont need that.
Here is what Intercasino told me to do and it worked while I awaited PIN#. Have someone else or Intercasino change your password and if you try to log in 3 times with wrong password it will lock you out until you call them with your personal info PIN# etc. It worked, double check with them about the lockout, i would hate for you to do that and be permentantly locked out.

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