1m betting scam involves Internet horseracing handicapper


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May 7, 2004
English paper The Sun reported today that corruption investigators have established a strong case against former racehorse owner Ajaz Khan, a trainer and four jockeys. Khan, 35, now runs an internet horseracing tipping service. Horseracing Regulatory Authority (HRA) agents say that Kahn wagered over 1million for favorites to lose. HRA agents examined some 40 races that Kahn bet on, where he netted a profit of 100,000 on 37. The HRA claim that the jockeys and the trainer gave Kahn inside information and colluded with him for reward.
A source was reported as saying: Investigators will seek to get the authorities to draw the inference that information was supplied to Khan that the jockey would, if required, ride to ensure his mount did not win.
HRA supplied evidence shows that Kahn controlled six separate internet betting accounts, none of which was in his name. Investigators say they found
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The authorities need to do their due diligence and review the tapes for all races in question.

Only then will it become clear that the winning horses had all done their business on the pre-race walk around.

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