1Bet2Bet Affiliate Account non payment


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Sep 30, 2012
United Kingdom
I thought I would give you guys a heads up.

I affiliate for 1Bet2Bet and have had unpaid commissions of $1500 for a couple of months. I have chased them up on a number of occasions and finally had a response. They said that there was an error in my reporting and they have manually corrected it. My affiliate account now stands at a negative of -$800 after their manual corrections.

Needless to say I no longer promote this brand and looking through the forums I would suggest that nobody promotes them.


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Nov 6, 2012
Sad to listen this but why you joined this bookie? before joining it is better to check. It was and is famous for not to be good and of course the aff prog too. If all take more care before joining, these things don't happen. It means that a lot of people join without any knowledgment. They only see the money offered.


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Nov 19, 2013


We explained to the agent that a technical problem in POST AFFILIATES PRO

Plus Fees recorded in the affiliates +

Minus fees not recorded in affiliates -

What an agent only gets created fees for losses of customers and when customers win is not written in affiliates system
we fix the problem and write email to this affiliates MR Chris .

One can also see this clearly in the system. We apologize for any inconvenience agent

Even offered a compromise to give him $ 750 the MR Chris not Do not answer to email form 1bet2bet ?.

We have plenty of satisfied agents

What the agent is trying to do is to write things that are not true

We want to see justice.

MR Chris

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