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Nov 22, 2020

I have a big problem with Curacao resided gambling company 1bet. In march this year at start of covid-19 problems, I have made a withdrawal request most of balance from 1bet. Few days later my account was closed , and 6262 euro of balance confiscated. 1Bet accused me to a violation of 1bet duplicated account policy, by using more than one 1bet account to "bypass system limitations".
The accusation was false, I never have a second account. I am 100% sure that no one else has logged into 1bet from my IP. Moreover, in the previous weeks, my account activity was limited to matters related to the withdrawal like account verification etc. After the fact I learned that there are many more people cheated in this way by 1bet and sister company 18 bet ( both belongs to Bellona N.V group), and it is a common practice in these companies. See the link below for a detailed description of the case.

<snipped link - sorry, you will need to explain here>

A few weeks ago Alternative Dispute Resolution Pardee Consulta made its decision regarding 18bet accusation of the player having multiple accounts, closure of his account and confiscation of the money belonging to that account. Below is the most important part of this decision:

"Pardee Consulta observes that Operator terms and conditions does not expressly stipulate that only one IP address may be used for each account. Pardee consulta remarks that for the Operator to establish that a Player may have duplicate account there must be clear and unequivocal evidence; the mere fact that a Player shares the same IP address with another player does not establish this.
From the evidence brought from the Operator, Pardee Consulta does not believe that the Player had a duplicate account and thus deems that this complaint is merited."

As a result of this decision, 18bet had to refund the Player the confiscated 42000$. Unfortunately, despite almost the same T&C, the same ownership, employees etc. 1bet is operated outside UE , so 1bet does not intend to comply with this decision.

I have sent complaints to Curacao Antillephone License, They dont respond. Can anyone from the forum advise me who I can contact for help?.

Do You know Alternative Dispute Resolutions or lawyer (with reasonable costs & experience in this matter) from Curacao?.

I will be grateful for any feedback.
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