WARNING 123VegasWin : no-pay and ignoring complaints


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Jan 20, 2004
123VegasWin: promises made but withdrawals not paid.

Several months ago a player came to us with an issue regarding 123VegasWin.com. The player had requested a withdrawal, the casino first approved it then confirmed again two weeks later that it was forthcoming. The player waited, tried to contact them when nothing happened: silence. The casino ignored all emails and gave no updates on the withdrawal.

The player came to us, I fumbled the ball for a while but eventually forwarded the PAB details to the casino. Nothing. Tried again. A month or so passed but still no reply. Tried again. Nada.

Needless to say the monies owed were never paid. We're done here. Casino should be rebranded 123VegasWinHaHaNoPay: dumb-ass name either way but at least the latter is more to the point.:

Warning : 123VegasWin is promising to honour payments and then simply reneging and ignoring player complaints. This is bottom-of-the-barrel rogue behaviour. Players are STRONGLY advised to avoid 123VegasWin.
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The casino people have since come forward -- new management it seems -- and resolved the player's issue that triggered the Warning. They've also committed to being available to resolve future issues if and when they arise.

Given the situation with the new management I'm going to put this Warning under review: if there are no problems over the next 90 days then the Warning will be withdrawn and archived. Let's hope the new guys are on the ball. :thumbsup:

Months later: well, there were no problems for the 90 days but things went down the bog-hole shortly thereafter: see below.

Needless to say we won't be repealing the original Warning.
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A little over three months ago a player came to us reporting that the casino had done the KYC, approved all, promised payment of the €1500 withdrawal in 1-2 days and then did nothing. The player tried to contact the more than 40 times by phone, chat and email and got nothing in response. So they came to us.

I've tried several times over the past three months to get the casino to respond to the player's issue with no success, not even an email to acknowledge they'd received the issue. So ...

WARNING: 123VegasWin is not paying player's their rightful winnings and is ignoring player issues. As previously stated, players are strongly advised to avoid this casino.

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