12 July 2010 - Casinomeister's Webcast


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Jun 30, 1998
Check it out!

Rival White Label Casinos
WagerWorks - never a rogue
Vortran's Player Cautionary

All this and more!

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First...the countryside is beautiful where this was taped...Second...that guy was hilarious!....boy we have some wierd ones in this world don't we??:lolup:
That's Bavaria in the summer. And yes, I try to be quite jovial.

That "struttin' dat ass" guy was pretty funny too :p
I'm glad this webcast raises the question of Rival white labels, which is a definite cause for concern afaic.

Rather than criticising the CM action in sounding a note of caution on these often mysterious and perhaps even deliberately confusing ownerships, affiliates should imo be supporting it, because it helps protect the player, who is the one who puts the bread on the table for everyone involved on the business side, however indirectly.

I believe Rival itself has a major part of the answer here, if it is really concerned for player safety - and thereby the longer term survivability of itself.

Rival needs to improve in a number of operational areas:

1) Clearly there is a need for a better system of vetting and probity control on prospective white label applicants - the track record is not looking too good at present. Closer attention to what is happening at grass roots level with their licensees and a little internal policing might also be a good self-preservation move.

2) More transparency so that players develop trust through knowing who they're doing business with, for instance requiring licensees to explain in their 'About Us' sections what their status is: full white label, where they're only doing the marketing, or partial white label where they're running they're own processing and support as well.

3) An alternative may be for Rival itself to detail on its website what the status of its various licensees is: fully owned and operated and through which company and licensing jurisdiction; full white label or partial white label.

4) Smart management might also rev up the player communications aspect at Rival, which does not appear particularly good. Leaving it to the licensees and affiliates is risky, as we have seen, and crisis reaction rather than being proactive is usually too late. The case of the CEO contacting CM when the nasty stuff was already hitting the fan is an example.

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