10to1 Casino - Beware



I recently came across a banner ad that offered a $20 sign up bonus with 10to1 Casino.
After signing up for a real account (required prior to requesting bonus) I sent an e-mail requesting that the bonus be added to my account. The e-mail was sent to an e-mail address provided on the Casino website. I received a response from Worldgaming that the casinos must respond to their own promotional offers. They suggested that I e-mail mail{webmaster@10to1casino.com,webmaster@10to1casino.com}. I did so and received no response. I have also tried other e-mail addresses on their site and they all go to Worldgaming who repeatedly refers you back to 10to1casino.
Beware! After having this problem, I started noticing that there are numerous posts complaining of the same problem,
This casino should be avoided until they can prove they even exist! I get the distinct impression that making a deposit to this casino would be like burning it...either way it's gone for good.