Bonus Complaint can it be ?


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Feb 26, 2016
Leiden, the Netherlands

Just want your opinion on this one.
I deposit 100 euro last sunday and used a bonuscode ( 100 % bonus ) leaving me with 200 euro to play.
Well, you know...i lost it all, leaving with only 23 cents to my account.

Yesterday I decided to play a bit more and made another deposit. Finally I won some but to my surprise I couldn,t make a witdrawal. I emailed the helpdesk and got this answer:

I have checked your account and saw that you have active casino bonus EASTER3. Please note that until you complete the roll over requirements for this bonus these funds cannot be withdrawn. Once you complete it they become real funds and you can withdraw. The amount left to roll over is: 3855.4 €.

What ?? I got to play another 3800 euro ?? So I emailed them again, saying I left without hardly any money last sunday. So here is their answer:

I have checked for you and I can confirm that indeed, your bonus has never been cancelled and you should complete the rollover in order to withdraw. As you had an active bonus while you were making the deposits, you bonus amount never reached 0, so the bonus was not cancelled.

As per our Terms and Conditions it is customers' responsibility to check and know if they have an active bonus prior to making a deposit.

Was the bonus still active ? In that case I should have given a bonus when I made another deposit yesterday, wouldn 't I.

Tell me what you think of this.

Many thanks.


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Jul 29, 2014
Tell me what you think of this.

I think it sucks but that's the way it is. Unless you put your account to 0.00 the system cant really be expected to reset the wager counter. It is your responsibility to do this. I am afraid you have to wager what they say here and maybe be a bit more careful next time.


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May 13, 2014
Yeah..I know I should have looked at it. but wagering 3800 euro for 23 cents...well.

I know I will quit 10bet.

The wager is actually for the 200 starting balance you had and lost (all but the 0.23)

One of the golden rules when taking a bonus is if the session is a loser, make sure you open up a game such as Starburst and clear all the odd pennies/cents leaving exactly 0.00!

This way the system recognises the deposit and bonus is lost and will cancel the bonus you took that day and all associated wagering requirements.

Some casinos will make allowances but the onus is ALWAYS on the player to do this action.

I feel for you big time but a valuable lesson learned :(

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Jul 30, 2014
It's something that could happen to all newbie players. It will happen once and after that you will always automatically make clear on a slot like Starburst to lose even your last cent. Some casinos would turn all bonus funds below 0.50€ into cash so that this kind of scenario would not happen. Unfortunately 10bet is not one of them.