100 free spins ,200 euro won ...


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Oct 23, 2007
hi to all,
last time i posted here ,it was about palace of chance casino.
Well,i got paid my 100 dollars win into my netteller account,
which u opened up just for this case.
Well,i deposited this 100 dollars into 32 red casino and ...lost.
Now ,about two months ago I got posted a little cd from
Royal Vegas casino,telling me ,I won 100 free spins at their casino,
which I ignored till today.My e-mail account got bombarded with
postings,asking me,if I didnt receive their gold cd and so on.
So today I installed the casino software and started playing my 100 spins,
after providing my personal details.
I was lucky and won quite alot and after a while I decided to check out.
A screen appeared telling me,that I won the maximum win of 200 euros
from this promotion and to claim my winnings,all I need to do,is
depositing real money into my new account.
Now I started reading in the terms and conditions a bit,
but I am not sure,about how to proceed.
What is the easiest way for me(in germany) to deposit money?
I have no credit card,just a bank card.Can I go to my bank and transfer
money from my bankaccount to the casino or my netteller account,
and also I dont know how much I need to put into my casino account
and are ther any instructions to be followed,like wagering some amount
before I am able to redraw my 200 euros.
Last question:
Do I automatically receive this 10% bonus on my first deposit and do
other restrictions apply again,before i am entitled to redraw my winnings?

I was thinking about depositing about 50 euros,play a bit around and then
redraw my 200 euros win in the end.
Would that work?
I see that this casino (Royal Vegas) stands in a good light here,
so I hope everything works out well.


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Sep 27, 2007
Stoke-on-Trent, England
If I were you I'd check your terms and conditions a little more closely Neo.

My best guess is that once you have deposited your money you will be required to wager it PLUS the bonus Euros around 25-30 times before you can withdraw. That would be at least 6,000 of wagering, which is quite a tall order.

Maybe I'm wrong? Be sure to read the terms and conditions very closely though!


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Jul 23, 2006
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I agree with the above post, you should be able to find the T&C's of the promotion either in the letter you received with the CD or on the website.
I would expect the 200 you won is bonus money and will go into your bonus account once you make a deposit with WR attached.
This usually 30Xdeposit+bonus.
The minimum deposit is probably 20 but it may be as high as 50 to qualify so again check the T&C's.
For deposits you first nedd to check the deposit and withdrawal options offered by the Casino.
If you are new to using Neteller you will need to verify your account with them before you can upload funds.
The same applies if you join Moneybookers or other Ewallets though Neteller seem to be really stringent on this lately as they would not even accept my passport, scanned credit card, utility bills and bank account as proof, they wanted the passport in colour!
So they can stick that where the Sun don't shine as they over charge too and recently made an unauthorised debit from my card.
You may be better with MB but you will need a few days to set up and verify your account.
Welcome to the murky world of online gambling :thumbsup:

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