100 Deposit Losing Streak at 3Dice!


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Sep 26, 2004
I can see what you are saying - i deposited quite a lot then when i cashed out a bit it seems that every deposit i make lately goes straight down, i deposited over a 100 past few days and couldnt hit a bonus in slots and i was playing minimum bets each time, it seems that when you cash out it takes loads of deposits to get anywhere. I dont mind losing cos thats gambling but to get less than 30 mins for 50 odd bucks deposit on minimum bets is crazy

cmon enzo sort 3dice tightness out pleeeeeeeeeeeeease

Whew! For a moment I thought you were urging Canadaman to do a Golden Palace and streak in protest.:D


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Jul 31, 2010

Thanks for all the responses and sorry for the lag in getting back to this thread. After my rant I went back like a fool and deposited 3 more times. Surprisingly, they were 3 of the worst deposits out of the entire lot. Not a single hit above 10x bet out of three large deposits ( Always deposit more after payday).

I spoke to support one last time to see if they could do something about this long losing streak and they threw 10 bucks my way. Of course that was gone in minutes. I promptly closed my account after that and 3dice has now lost another every single day depositing player for the simple reason that no care was given to a long standing player who was on a pretty poor losing streak. I guess its more worth it to them to lose a player, then have management through 20 bucks my way. Either way, Im done there and wont be back.

3Dice in my opinion is tighter than I've ever seen it before. Too many features yielding absurdly low amounts, and few and far between cashouts. Its just not worth it to play there anymore one the 1 in a million chance you'll cashout.

I have also found, I'm sure everyone will throw their boots at me, that after a cashput, gameplay gets far worse. I don't know how to explain it, and I know its irrational based on games of chance, but in my 5 or so cashouts in the last 2 years at 3dice, each win was followed by very poor droughts. Take it for what it is.

Thanks again, oh and after my horrible deposits at 3dice I went to club world and played for 4 hours on 25 bucks. No cashout. But was nice to finally feel like the games were fair.