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Jul 23, 2001
That's right, the title says it all!

I could not believe my luck. I deposited $50 in the hope of a little bit of excitement and came out with over $100K.

For those that want to know all the gory details here goes:

I played a few hands of Blackjack (which, bu the way, I am no expert) and won about $5 (boring so far right?) but wait there's more.

So then I switched to some roulette, won about $4 (I think, that part is a little hazy), got bored with that after 5 spins and moved on.

Now it was time for some Jacks or Better. Another few hands in there and I lost a little (about $5).

So wait where is the big win you ask? Okay, okay, I am coming to that, just stay with me.

Anyhow, then I switch to Keno for a spell and played about 10 rounds and got lucky with a win of $2500 from a $5 bet. "Yes!" I thought, this game is running hot so I continued with $10 bets. Played some more, nothing significant comes up. I change my numbers to a different set of "lucky" numbers. Played some more, a few wins, a few losses, all small. And then it happened ... I had 15 numbers picked and watched as each and every one of the 15 were covered by a star. This was the one, a payout of 10000 to 1 and I had a $10 bet. A maximum possible win of $100,000 :)

What are the odds on that happening? 1000,000 to 1 I would expect! Perhaps more?

I called everyone over to see what had just happened. My friend told me how to capture the screen with the "print screen" button and then how to save it on disk. So I did that. I just could not believe my luck. $50 turned into over $100,000 in less than an hour.

But then it suddenly hit me that perhaps all was not well. I have seen how others have struggled to get big wins out of these online casinos. I hope and hope that the casino will pay promptly.

So a question for those with more experience than me. Do Arcada Casino have a good history? The url is
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. Any thoughts on this one?


Now I am off for a small celerbration. Not until I get my big cheque in the post will I start celerbrating for real.

Oh no!

I just went back to try an win a little bit more (greedy eh?) and my account balance is now ZERO.

Should I be worried? Has my $50 now become $0 instead of $100K?

Time will tell, I hope to hear from the casino soon.....

Congratulations, Nigel - hope you get paid!

Arcada is a CasinoAge/Gaming Logix powered casino and this is the first I have heard about a very high value jackpot like this on their casinos - can you indicate where the information on this is so that I can have a look at it?

BTW there's been another over $100K winner this weekend - today in fact. According to the Jackpot Madness site one Linda W cracked the new Treasure Nile jackpot at Riverbelle. This just days after a news release reporting that a prison attendant called Suzanne G had whacked the same progressive earlier in the week.

And that Jackpot Mania Rags to Riches of Crypto's is currently running at nearly $310 - now THAT"s the one to crack!
Thanks for the congrats jetset. If you are looking for the jackpot then click on the Keno and play for fun. Just pick anything from 1 to 15 numbers and depending on how much you bet and how many numbers match then you can win between 0 and 100,000.

One would presume you mean $310K right? And you are right that is certainly the one to crack, not the measly $100K that I won.

Well so far nothing but silence from Arcada in my email box. I sent tham a friendly reminder just in case the first message did not get through.

A "wait and see" situation at the moment ...... :(

Sabana Sur, de la
200 Sur, 100 oeste, 100 Sur
San Jose,


Administrative Contact, Billing Contact:
Murray, Jeff (JMU934) info@GAMINGLOGIX.COM
bana Sur, de la Universal 200 Sur, 100
oeste, 100 Sur
San Jose
516-977-2200 516-977-2200
Technical Contact:
Anthony, Banek (BA5163) abanek@WEBTRADER.NET.AU
Webtrader Pty Limited
Ground Floor, 8 Cliff Street
Milsons Point
61 2 89201133 (FAX) 61 2 89200100

Record last updated on 05-Jun-2001.
Record expires on 25-May-2002.
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Database last updated on 25-Jul-2001 03:53:00 EDT.

Domain servers in listed order:

There you go, Nigel - get on the email and chase these guys. I take it you have received a cornfirmation from them that you have hit the bigtime and they owe you 100G's, right?
Thanks for the "who is" info opa_mary.

Jetset, I have received nothing so far from Arcada or Gaminglogix. I have e-mailed both of them and received deafening silence. Although I assume they know about the win since my account has been set to zero$. Other than that I have absolutely nothing.

I will keep e-mailing them every so often in the hope of receiving some sort of reply. In my last e-mail all I asked for was a simple "hi, we exist" reply but it seems they were not even bothered to press their "reply" button!

Next time I will include the Tech contact in the e-mail recipients.
Thanks for jogging my memory - you're right I had an exchange with Gaming Logix of Montreal, Canada a few weeks back regarding the gambling software on their Lucky-winners and Arcada casinos which are registered in Costa Rica (so don't hold your breath for any backup from the authorities there!).

They had claimed the following:

"Gaminglogix is a software developer and licensor of ITS OWN
<, <,<, SOFTWARE, based in MONTREAL Canada.We provide our clients with a
<, <,<, turnkey package including processing, support, etc.. through our
<, <,<, various STRAGEGIC ALLIANCES, ie. I safe Net out of CR, surefire
<, <,<, commerce out of Canada, and ecash services out of canada,
<, ETC....."

However the games were Java and Gambling Software Systems (always a big red flag!) aka Garrinck out of Seattle and so I raised five queries with them regarding their association or lack thereof with GSS, the software origins, e-cash and so on.

I think they answered two of them and strongly denied any connection with GSS whatsoever (but didn't comment on Garrinck) In the process they had some pretty uncomplimentary things to say about the OPA and I tried to put them right on that - I don't think with very much success.

The guy I had the exchange with was called Sam Mansour.

I believe they have a connection with CasinoAge as well.

Try these addresses/numbers:

Office 514-733-7822
Fax 514-733-2082
I've been making an attempt to get this casino to respond using several related email addresses. No response yet, but no bounced mail (always a good sign).

I also address this in this week's radio show at Casinogazette https://www.casinogazette.com Channel 1.

If they don't come through I'll do a piece on my next webcast and add it to the news flashes my company sends out to clients.

This is starting to smell a little...surely a bona fide 100K jackpot publicity opportunity would not be allowed to go to waste by a casino?
I still have no response from anyone.

I sent yet another e-mail today asking for a reply.

It is quite frustrating how this casino has decided to be totally unresponsive. They are really doing themselves disservice by being like this.

From now I will be stepping up my rate of e-mails to them.

BTW thanks for the support from all of you here at casinomeister, I really appreciate it.

As I'm writing this little message, Bob Dylan's "Rainy Day Women-Everybody must Get Stoned" shuffles it's way into the night air and the irony or coincidence is staggering,at least to me that is...
In an unregulated industry,one that's infested with scavengers of fortune and greed,how anyone can be suprised at being scammed is beyond me.
I've travelled through this industry in these last couple of years and the people (I use that term loosely) that I've met along the way, brought shivers down my spine...
Folks, most of these casino operators are only in it for the short haul...
They don't care how many people they scam along the way,cause they know that by the time that they're exposed, they've already lined their pockets with enough cash to consider themselves winners!
But don't worry folks, the government is on it's way and then we'll really see some serious scamming...
Lesson number 1. How to use the delete button.

I also have no bounce notifications, so I know that if I send my e-mail to them over 200 times that they will have received every single one of them.

Now it will surely be easier to press the "REPLY" button once than it is to press the "DELETE" button 200+ times.

Right? Or am I missing something?
100kwinner, after couple a months with the OPA I must say you're a little optimistic (they don't have to use the "delete" but just not to check their mail - I tried this once with Tropika...) BUT the good news are: if nothing works there's always Steve here to save you - isn't that great?
(never misses chances to flatter you, Steve...)
Yeah, I tried them all, info - sam - abanek and support. All got me the exact same response - zero - even though nothing was bounced back to me.

I guess I have been ripped off :( Sometimes life is a bitch.

PS: Any chance of changing my username to 50buckloser?
I just tried logging in again to see if anything has changed and something HAS changed.

Now instead of the system telling me my balance is $0 I get the following message instead:

Sorry, You Cannot Login To The Banking Page At This Time.

Please Contact Customer Support

HA HA, contact customer support? Been there, tried that!

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