$10 No Deposit for 770UK Poker


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Apr 14, 2006
oK PEOPLE please register using the link below....

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Again you have to register through my link above because they will check, so enjoy people, feel free to deposit also....
I opened my account

Playtech poker..nice

I spoke with Rene, he-she was very nice. I have sent my bonus request already.

I have only noticed to weird things,... 1) the encourage customers to use their credit card.. which I have never seen in the past. 2) I entered the software to check why they will prefer me using my credit card than my Neteller account but chat was disabled.. probably they were out for a smoke...

I hope they are good... Playtech poker is nice .. very nice.. However Titan and CD dissapointed me

don't worry about support, they may encourage u to use your credit card because it is cheaper for them...lol... but don't worry the deposit bonus is great and if you want an extra bonus send me a pm...

Where are they located?

I will probably use my neteller account, I really don't trust some people with my card...

Actually I only use my card with one site.. pokertime... so in case something happens.. I know where to complian directly...

Thanks for the info... what are they offering as initial bonus? I got an email from CD Poker ofering about $80

besides the no deposit offer they also offer a %100 deposit match on your first deposit, also there are no wagering requirements fot the no deposit or bonus if you win you can whitdraw your winnings, but you can't whitdraw whatever bonus amount you got, thats all.....
I finished playing my $10

I love playtech poker... way better than Microgaming... almost like pokerstars but compared to Tribeca...

Never the less I have not found a poker room from playtech which provides good service.

CD poker is out of the question, the only competent individual in that business is Rachel and at Poker770 they are good, at the beggining I felt some hostility, but they are nice. However, sincethe first time I logged in, I havent been able to get a chat. The icon just dissapeared from my lobby, which I dont like.

I am a chat freak, I love 24-7 reliable chat service like in Poker Host, Doyles or Victor Chandler...

However the gaming experience of Playtechs poker is very very good..

Thumbs up for Poker770... they are nice.. just need to keep an eye on the chats. I will keep playing at poker time for now.. Microgaming poker is not the best, but the 5 seat Extreme Turbo tourneys are awesome...

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