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Are you trying to get referrals? If so, thats not the best way to start out:)
Plus, You should write a few posts so people get to know you before just addding a link like this. I know it looks like your trying to get US $10 free but at the same time it looks like your just trying to get referral money

EDIT: Holy Cow, that was fast LOL, I barely posted and he was banned


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Faster than a 3-legged tortoise, sharper than a spatula, more ruthless than Attila The Hun's great aunt and bluer than The Hun itself. That's me ;)

Found a
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if we can get close enough.
LMAO...Mrs Narayan told the court she had not intended to kill her husband but to punish him for his alleged infidelity...:notworthy:lolup:

And punish she did...:eek2: