0920am Dec 31 and counting down..


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Jul 19, 2006
NorthWest USA
Happy New Year!!!!I know to some of you its the new year already so..Happy New Year!!!!.to those who are waiting like me with a smile on my face..Have fun tonight and Happy New Year!:)
Happy New Year to you, FruFru!

I'm doing laundry and all sorts of exciting things. LOL Ah... I'm too jaded to think a night out on the town -in an area where Sunday alcohol sales is illegal- could possibly be fun. We're going to watch old movies, drink Asti Spumante (sp?) and do nothing more dangerous than stagger to our bed after midnight.

Have fun everyone. Let's be careful out there.

Happy new year Mousey ! I went to my best friends for dinner, we then took the kids downtown to watch the fireworks shoot off a well known landmark....it was awesome..came home had some champagne and have a nice gentle buzz.... Yahoooooooooo!

Cat....your win rocks! Happy Newyear!!!!!:) :) :)

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