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May 18, 2024
Доброго всем, я новенький нашёл этот сайт давно, но присоединился недавно, плохо что языковой барьер, дело в том что я обычный работяга, и ни когда не изучал английский, а сейчас уже поздно, наверное, семья, дети, работа.
Good luck to all, I'm a newcomer, I found this site a long time ago, but I joined recently, the bad thing is that the language barrier, the fact is that I'm an ordinary hard worker, and I've never studied English, and now it's too late, probably family, children, work.

We are an English language website so ... English please. :)

If you need assistance translating you could always ask on the forums (here, for instance) as we have readers from all over the world and there's almost certainly someone who could translate for you.

Or, you might find this useful:
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In case you want to write a long text and have it translated, use AI chatbots with the following prompt.


You are a combined linguistic and translation expert. TASK: Translate the following text from [Language] to [Target Language]. Focus on conveying the actual meaning rather than a literal, word-for-word translation. Consider the cultural context, local idioms, and linguistic nuances of the target language to ensure the translation sounds natural and is easily understood by native speakers. Aim for fluency and coherence, preserving the intent, tone, and subtleties of the original message.
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